Why I Choose Not To Show Off My Body On Instagram

So many people flaunt their bodies on Instagram and bare their skin, but I’m not afraid to cover up on the ‘gram. When I first joined Instagram in my teens, I felt pressured to show some skin, but now that I’m 24 years old, I have a completely different perspective on keeping my photos modest. Although I know that showing off my body can be a great way to express myself, I know my boundaries and respect my body which for me involves covering up.

Covering up on Instagram shows that I’m a classy woman who’s not afraid to put herself first. Because I love myself no matter what I’m wearing, I’m OK with not showing off my bare body on the ‘gram. 

I also love that covering myself up on Instagram gives me the chance to choose how others see me. I’d rather share my sexy side with my partner than deal with random strangers Googling me and seeing me half-naked.

Furthermore, I keep in mind that women post most of those bare-skin Instagram photos because of society’s pressure on women to be “sexy.”

Those “sexy” pictures negatively influence women, though, because they show an image that it’s hard for women to live up to. I don’t want to keep that cycle going, so I no longer show skin on my Insta.

So call me old-fashioned, but covering my body on social media is my way of showing that I respect myself. I’m completely aware of how people might see women who show skin, but even though that’s their choice to make, I’d rather control how others perceive me in a positive way.

I’m proud to cover up on social media, especially when I see how many women choose not to. 

As my self-love grows and I feel more comfortable with myself, I’ll continue to cover up as a sign of respect for my body. After all, I want to have a healthy relationship with myself. I’ll continue to cover up on Insta as long as I have an Instagram and hopefully, I can teach women everywhere a lesson about what self-love really means.

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