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9 Questions You Should Ask On A First Date


One of the most exciting and potentially terrifying feelings is the anticipation of going on a first date. So many questions flood your mind as you prepare to meet your date. Will they be interested in you? Will you be attracted to them? Are they as cute as they are on their Tinder profile? And will your date stand you up? 

As someone who’s survived many first dates, I find it helpful to come ready with a handful of well-thought-out questions to ask to make the conversation flow smoothly. Here are nine great questions to ask on a first date:    

“Where are you originally from?”

If you don’t know where your date is originally from, ask them. When you ask this simple question, you may find points of connection that you might not discover otherwise. For instance, if you find out that your date grew up on a farm, you can tell them about your elementary school stint in 4H. You’ll laugh together about waking up at dawn to milk the cows while the rest of the world is still in bed. 

“Did you grow up with your family?”

It’s always good to learn a little bit about your date’s family dynamics early on. Did your date grow up with their family or live with someone else? Are they close to their family, or did they move across the country as soon as they could? Whether your family dynamics are similar to your date’s or are extremely different, they’ll love how in tune you are and how much their experience interests you.  

“What is your favorite childhood memory?”

Asking your date about their favorite childhood memories can lead to an amazing conversation. Whether they loved building pillow forts, going roller skating, or sneaking into movies without getting caught, you’re sure to find some great inspiration for potential future dates!

“What do you do for fun?”

Asking your date about their hobbies can be the perfect gateway to an intriguing conversation. Do they like reading, writing, swimming, surfing, playing video games, or volunteering? How did they discover their favorite hobbies, and what hobbies do you have in common with them? Finding out that this person also enjoys some of your favorite activities could lead to bonding experiences and even future dates!

“What do you do for work/study in school?”

Even if you have a vague idea of what your date does for work or what they’re majoring in, ask them more about their professional life. If they’re working, what do they like most about their job? If they’re in school, what are they studying, and who’s their favorite professor? In fact, this is the perfect question to ask if your date takes pride in their professional life!

“Do you have any pets?”

If you love your pets more than life itself, find out if your date shares your love for animals. If they isn’t a pet person, find out why. If your pets are a major part of your life, this is a great way for your date to find out that they’ll always be a priority.

“What’s your favorite vacation spot?”

If you’re an adventurer with a constant case of wanderlust, ask your date which vacations they’ll always remember. Does your date love the beach? The mountains? A country you’ve always wanted to visit? Keep their favorite vacation spot in mind if you guys start dating. That favorite destination could be a great 25th date! 

“Which shows are you watching right now?”

Everyone has a binge-watch guilty pleasure, so ask your date which shows they’re currently watching. You may find that you both love the same show or that you’ve always wanted to start their favorite show. You may even find yourself binge-watching episodes together at the end of your date!

“What are you looking for in a date?”

This question may seem intimidating to ask, but it’s important that you sort out what they’re looking for early on. What are they hoping to gain from the date? Do they want to go out again, or are they emotionally unavailable and just looking for a hookup? Are they monogamous, or are they looking for an open relationship? You’ll never get what you want out of your dating life if you don’t ask, so get brave and be upfront!

Dating may seem scary, but your first date will be worth your time if you ask this person about their life. First dates can lead to long-lasting, beautiful relationships, so don’t be afraid to ask questions, and have fun!

Feature Image by Amber Kipp on Unsplash



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