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7 Thoughtful Gifts Employers Should Get For Their Employees

Employees are the backbone of any business and great gifts to any company’s success. Employees with higher productivity, better decision making, and enhanced competitiveness are sure to drive up sales, customer satisfaction, and obviously profit margins.

So, how do successful companies keep their employees happy? A lot of companies are now realizing the power of gifting. Recognizing employee efforts is one of the best ways to keep employees motivated. Corporate gifting is a thoughtful acknowledgment of their hard work and efforts and one of the simplest ways to create a positively motivated workforce.

Here are 7 gifts to buy for your employees so they feel valued and appreciated:

1. Art

Beautiful paintings, art-prints, and photographs are some of the most popular gift ideas for employees because they last a lifetime. Furthermore, art is a very easy and stress-free gifting option. They may be gifted easily to both males as well as female employees, without worrying about taste, preference, and sizes. Employees may use art pieces to enliven their office zone or may even take it home to beautify their private spaces. 

2. Electronics

In today’s age, electronic items like music players, noise-isolating headphones, tablet readers, smartphones, cameras, speakers, and portable power banks make fantastic corporate or employee gifts. Electronic gift items along with being a cool idea are very popular among youngsters as well as veterans. Also, not only are they super helpful but also help in improving employee productivity.

3. Wooden Bow Ties

Bow ties have been synonymous with fashion since time eternal. Men, as well as women, use the ubiquitous bow tie to enhance their fashion quotient. While bow ties may appear as a seemingly commonplace gifting item, Ella Bing’s unique wooden bow ties are sure to create a fashion statement. Each special wooden bow tie is handcrafted from a mixed wood range including bocote, mahogany, bloodwood, zebrawood, and even padauk.

4. Wine Gifting Basket

You really can’t go wrong with gifting a bottle of wine to anyone. Wine is easily available, affordable, and may last for a long time without going bad. And everyone loves wine! A wine basket typically contains a combination of red and white wine, spritzers, chocolates, candies, nuts, and even chips! Everything that one needs to have a super party.

5. Mug Warmer

One of the most popular gifting items in recent times is a Mug Warmer. The mug warmer helps your favorite employees carry their cup of hot tea, coffee, cocoa to their work station without worrying about it going cold. Mug warmers also make great gifts because don’t cost much, can be personalized easily, and look super cool on office desks.

6. Luggage

If your employees frequently travel, luggage accessories are another excellent gift idea. Luggage accessories include suitcases, duffle bags, company printed backpacks, and laptop bags. You may also want to add electronic luggage tags to go with the luggage so that they can track their baggage on the go. No more worries about lost baggage!

7. Sunglasses

Sunglasses have been a popular employee gift for years because they are a stylish and functional accessory. Whether its men or women, almost everyone likes to own and wear a classy pair of sunglasses. Furthermore, sunglasses come in all different shapes and sizes along with different price ranges. Pick the one that fits your bill and you have a great gift-ready.

As Richard Branson said, “Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business. It’s as simple as that.” 

Feature Image by Austin Distel on Unsplash



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