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3 Reasons Being In A Relationship Isn’t As Important As You Think

Why being in a Relationship isn't as important!

Why do we think that being in love with a great guy or girl will save us? Why do we tell our story through our relationship? Why can’t we know that we’re enough, whole, and perfect as we are? And why do we think that we need someone else to complete us?

Being in a relationship feels good. But have you ever asked yourself why you need someone else to make you feel good and important? Isn’t it possible that we can feel good on our own and have a relationship be “the cherry on top?”

Here are three reasons why it’s not as important to be in love as you might think.

Loving yourself comes first.

Being in a relationship is beautiful. I’ve been in relationships myself, and I loved how they made me feel. But eventually I realised that no one can ever love me unless I learn how to love myself.

Falling in love with yourself is quite a task, but it’s always possible. If you’ve disliked yourself for years, you won’t find self-love in a day,but the process is worth your time.

To find self-love, do the things that excite you. Find what you love about yourself. And stay hopeful that you will get there.

Not every relationship works out.

All of those relationships that you invested your mind, body and soul into weren’t meant to work out. Some of them will teach you important lessons, but not every relationship will last.

When your relationships don’t last, it just means that you know you can do better. So take the lessons and proudly walk away.

You should have your own life.

When you’re in a relationship, it’s tempting to make your entire world revolve around your partner. But you deserve your own life because just like in Grey’s Anatomy, you are the sun. When you aren’t in love, you don’t have to adjust your schedule or compromise your wants and needs. So when you’re single, take time to build your own life.

Ask yourself this: Why do I have this need to be important to someone else if I cannot do the same for me?

Once you realise your worth, you’ll understand that being in love isn’t as important as you thought. Love will always be a wonderful part of your life, but it shouldn’t be your goal or destiny. Just do the best that you can in life, and the rest will fall into place.

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