The Top 20 Looks From Last Night’s Golden Globe Awards


The 77th Golden Globe Awards were last night which officially marks the kick off to awards season!

The significance to the Golden Globes in terms of what it means for the rest of awards season is simple: they predict the success of films, actors, actresses and filmmakers alike. What does well at the Golden Globes traditionally does well at every other awards ceremony afterwards.

We might not always be interested in who won the actual awards, but we’ll always tune in to see what everyone’s wearing. And let me tell you, there was a lot of fashion to talk about. So let’s dive in, shall we?

Unique colours were all over the red carpet providing a refreshing change, since black always seems to be a go to colour. Luckily, the stars gave us a first glimpse of Spring with these beautiful patterns.

Taylor Swift

I am loving this floral combination of colours and how effortless her makeup compliments the look.

Zoey Deutch

Now this is a lewk, honey! Yellow is her colour, the jewlery is impactful and that smulder is sexy! She is ready to dominate every event.

Kat Graham

The colour, the cut outs, the leg pose, oh my! Easily one of my favourite looks of the night.

Isla Fisher

Literally no colour can look bad on her, and despite her petite height the larger arms don’t look awkward on her.

Helen Mirren 

Can someone just make her a Queen already? She looks regal and stunning in this number!

Kristin Cavallari

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Golden Globes โœจโœจโœจ

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And we all thought LC was the fashion icon of The Hills…

Since it is award season, the stars definitely did their best to look like the awards they were hoping to receive one day. As a result, we got some of the best looks of the night and potentially all of award season.

Lucy Boynton

I am loving how the style of dress is old school yet the fabric and glitter modernizes it. And her make up-ugh I’m in love!

Margot Robbie

Although it’s not entirely sparkly, I love the bold break in pattern and colour this dress has. Then again, Margot Robbie always manages to nail the unique and relaxed look at any even so I’m not surprised.

Busy Phillips

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Both of us are ready.

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It may scream “prom” but I love how effortless this dress is and the unique colour!

Amy Poehler

Finally, a mature woman who still dressed on trend but was actually age appropriate! I love this look and wish I could wear it to a fancy even one day.

Winnie Harlow

You can tell she’s a model, and I’m left speechless by her beauty.

But not all looks can be bright, colourful and sparkly. A lot of women wore black, and almost all of them looked stunning with unique dress styles. Here are a few worth mentioning, since they looked too pretty and I couldn’t leave them out.

Jennifer Aniston

It’s a tad black bridal gownish, but I can’t help but love it any less.

Kate McKinnon

The pant suit is still in, and I’m in awe that Kate could pull this off!

Rachel Wiesz

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Her makeup and that one pop of white at the breast of the dress just pulls the look together in such a simple way.

Noรฉmie Merlant

I love the badass design from the neckline to the leather accents. To me, this is the dress of a champion.

To say that big accent pieces were on trend for the evening is an understatement. And sadly most of the big bows and shoulders really missed the mark for being adorable and ended up being tacky and too much.

Jennifer Lopez

For someone who has one of the best bodies in the world, why would she hide it behind a pregnancy announcement-eqsue bow on her belly?

Cate Blanchett

As much as I love the colour and the shape, I hate the accent sleeves because they look like a coloured paper plate edge.

Jodie Comer

This dress looks like an adult version of a dress a child murderer would wear in a horror film.

And of course, while the fashion was pretty high end, some of it just didn’t look like it deserved to be on the red carpet for an event of this caliber.

Gwyneth Paltrow

How does a woman who wears this in 2020 one of the biggest lifestyle blog contributors in the world? This looks like a horrible throwback from the 90’s when sheer was popular…

Kerry Washington

This is something Taylor Swift would have worn in her Bad Blood music video… The blazer trend is very popular right now but this is very unflattering, the chain looks awful and the satin skirt doesn’t compliment the look at all.

So as you can see, there was no consistent trend in the sense that everyone wore a certain colour or style at this year’s Golden Globes. But it was refreshing to see a real mixture in the crowd and on the red carpet. And with that, here’s to more glitz, glam and god-awful outfits this awards season!

Which fashions at this year’s Golden Globes resonated the most with you? Share with us in the comments!

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