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Why You Should Feel Empowered Taking Nudes

I sent my first nude to my boyfriend when I was 20 years old. At the time, I felt a little guilty because my family had taught me that “good girls” don’t send nudes, but now I don’t regret sending that sexy selfie at all. 

I’m not ashamed of having sent nudes in the past.

After all, I felt good about my body and wanted to show it off. I’m still so glad that I allowed someone I loved to see my whole body, flaws and all.  

The first time I sent a nude photo, I discovered that nudes, booty selfies, and sexy photos don’t have to be shameful. You should never let taking a sexy photo and feeling confident in your body embarrass you. 

Sending nudes is just another way to express your emotions.

Nudes capture a moment when you feel good about your whole body and willingly embrace its imperfections. And sharing such personal photos with someone else just lets them in on the self-love and helps them love you even more. 

Also, sending nudes is the perfect way to let go of all of your insecurities.

Nudes literally show everything, but they capture your body in a stunning way that allows you to see your progress, as well as how beautiful your scars, bumps, bruises, and birthmarks really are. When you send nudes or butt selfies, you feel grateful that you’ve moved past the days when you hated your body and finally have a moment of self-love to celebrate.

Therefore, we shouldn’t shame ourselves or others for sending nudes. Sending sexy pictures is just a way to express ourselves, show some self-love, and help our partners feel even more passionate in the bedroom.

So if you want to send a nude or butt selfie to get your partner going, go for it, no matter how other people in your life feel about your decision. Despite what many people seem to think, sending nudes doesn’t make you a “slut” or a “whore.” Sending your partner sexy photos just shows that you’re not afraid to show how much you love your body and you don’t give a damn about what society thinks of you.

Whether you’re in a committed relationship or want to show a hook-up your sexy side, you should never feel guilty about shooting them a nude photo. Taking and sending nudes is empowering because it helps both you and your partner celebrate how sexy your bare body can be. So next time you’re debating whether or not to send that nude or butt selfie, go for it – it’ll empower you!

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