10 Signs That You’re Not A Big Drinker

The misconception that everyone is a big drinker can certainly be frustrating. Look at the Kardashian family; Khloe and Kris love alcohol, but Kim (who is known for hosting the biggest parties in Vegas) hates alcohol. Sometimes people just don’t enjoy it or it just isn’t their thing. There’s no shame in that.

Personally, I could care less about drinking. I don’t always get the hype since I can have a good time without getting plastered. Still, there can seem to be pressure to fit in with the drinker crowd, which you should try to ignore. It’s OK to opt for ginger ale over a Moscow mule!

Here’s how to tell if you’re not a big drinker:

You have one or two go-to drink orders.


You may not know what is in a Sex On the Beach, and you may only know what a Gin and Tonic or Rum and Coke are. But if you do choose to drink, you stick with what you know and that’s it. You don’t care about trying the next hottest cocktail.

You get questioned why you aren’t drinking – all… the… time. 

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People really can’t fathom you not wanting a drink on a night out and almost can’t grasp the concept of sobriety. It’s as though you’re insane for saying no to a drink unless you’re the designated driver of course.

You don’t pee as often on a night out as your drunk friends do.


There’s nothing worse than drinking a lot and having to pee equally as often. Any girl who’s worn a bodysuit or jumper on a night out knows how trying it can be to get unzipped or unhooked from it in the stall. Luckily for the non-drinker, you don’t have that problem because you can actually undo your pants and take off your bottoms to use the restroom. Plus, you won’t have to go every hour.

You get tipsy after one drink.


Your friends can pound ‘em back like it’s nothing and still appear normal. You, on the other hand, are blatantly tipsy by the time you finish your first glass because you aren’t used to it.

You do a double-take looking at the bill.


Whether it’s after you’ve had a drink, or you see your friends drink, you can’t fathom paying that much for a beverage. It pays off to be a lightweight, dammit! You may even feel regret, thinking about what you could have bought with the money spent on that drink…

You’re more judgmental than you thought.


It’s hard not to pass judgement on someone fighting for no reason in the parking lot of a bar, or for girls to be crowding into tiny stalls in the washroom just to talk instead of pee. 

Drunk people can annoy the hell out of you.


Maybe it’s common sense, or maybe it’s because you don’t understand the fun of drinking, you just get annoyed by their antics and wish they’d leave you alone.

You suck at drinking games.

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How can you ride a bus with cards, what the hell is flip cup, and dear God why are people chucking Smirnoff ices and hiding them in weird places? You just don’t understand the hype, the rules, or why people are still playing it after high school. The only game you can tolerate is beer pong, but you won’t drink the beer.

You either end up with a killer hangover…

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Because you rarely drink and the three you had from last night destroyed you.

…or you’re able to peacefully sleep in.


And laugh at your friends who are suffering in bed until 6 pm the next day.

There’s no shame in not enjoying drinking or not having the urge to drink. At the end of the day, you have to do what’s best for you. Don’t let people calling you a pussy or a wuss ruin your good vibes on a night out, just let their hangover do the karma in the morning.

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