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Here Are The Biggest Engagement Ring Trends For 2020

If there’s one thing that’s a constant in our lives, it’s weddings. Before the weddings, though, there are the proposals, and of course, the centerpiece of every proposal is the perfect ring. If you think that wedding bells are in your future in 2020, check out these major engagement ring trends  to ensure that your finger looks fabulous on the big day.

All About Romance

We’ll definitely see a romance revival in the next decade. Since there’s nothing more romantic than a wedding, every woman’s engagement ring and wedding band choice will likely have some romantic flair.

In 2020, we’re anticipating seeing lots of rose gold rings with  softer stones as centrepieces. Seriously, just take a look at Jennifer Lopez’s March 2019 engagement ring. Although at $4.5 million, it’s a bit pricey, it’s a perfect representation of the hottest new engagement rings.

Changing Shapes

Although engagement bands remain circular, that doesn’t mean that we can’t get creative with stone shapes. In fact, we’re seeing a ton of rings with oval-cut diamonds in the center. Although oval is on-trend now, keep an eye on the latest ring fads. Most experts expect the most popular stone shapes to switch again towards the end of 2020.

It’s All Yellow

While rose gold is fabulously romantic, it isn’t the only surprising color choice for 2020’s engagement rings. Rose gold has dominated the market for the last couple of years, but we anticipate that yellow gold will make a big comeback this year. In fact, we’re betting that it’ll be one of the chicest engagement band hues of the year.

More The Merrier

Don’t worry, we’re just talking about the number of stones in 2020’s most popular engagement rings. This year, we anticipate a rise in multi-stone rings, with the top number of stones at three.. We don’t have to look far to see where this trend may have started. If a three-stone ring is good enough for Megan Markle, it’s good enough for all of us.

A Touch of Drama

If you don’t like the three-stone look, then don’t despair. We also can predict that dramatic solitaires will take the center stage in 2020.  From pear diamonds to marquise diamonds, high-end cuts are ideal for the girl who’s looking to make a true statement before she even walks down the aisle.

So if you think that your partner is going to pop the question in 2020, make sure that your engagement ring style is the best of the best. 

Which 2020 engagement ring looks make you hope that he’ll pop the question? Let us know in the comments or on social media!

Feature Image by michael negrete on Unsplash



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