Should You Be Having Sex When You’re Sick?

Many of us use sexual acts with our significant others to express our love. An active sex life keeps the spark between two partners alive. But what happens if you or your lover ends up getting sick? Is it OK to still have sex with your partner when you have a cold?

Obviously, if you engage in sexual intercourse while you’re sick, you will likely transmit the virus to your partner (or vice versa).

Luckily, the common cold and the influenza virus don’t spread through semen or vaginal fluids. They can, however, spread through saliva or exposed air. With that being said, some experts believe that barrier methods or even gloves and masks can help minimize exposure.

Then again, having sex while you battle a cold could give your partner a reason to call in sick from work. If you transmit your illness to your significant other, they can stay home and cuddle while you both recover. As long as your lover doesn’t mind sharing germs with you, then “sick sex” is no big deal. 

Also, doing a little hanky panky while you’re battling a cold can help you feel refreshed. While sex won’t help you sweat out a fever, orgasms release oxytocin and endorphins. An orgasmic release leaves you feeling happy and pain-free. Furthermore, because orgasms dilate your airways, sex may actually clear up your congestion. 

Also, let’s be real, sex allows you to escape from your reality… even when you’re not feeling your best, which is everything when you’re sick. 

Although sacrificing your rest for sex may have some fringe benefits, it may not actually be the best choice for you and your partner. The best thing you can do when you’re sick is to share your feelings openly and honestly and allow your partner to do the same. If you decide that sex isn’t the best option when one of you is battling a cold, there are plenty of other ways you can please each other and keep the spark alive.

Not engaging in intercourse while you’re sick may feel awful, but it’ll give you the motivation you need to feel better so that you can keep that passionate spark alive.  

Ultimately, sex could help you feel better while battling a cold — if your partner can handle the germ exposure. Sex helps couples connect in the most intimate way, so why not engage in sex if you’ll both end up with the same illness anyway? Just stock up on some chicken noodle soup, find something to binge on Netflix, and get busy in the bedroom!

Photo by Sabina Tone on Unsplash


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