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10 Nostalgic Ways To Celebrate Mickey Mouse Day

On November 18, we all got to meet the friendly, loving animal we all know today as Mickey Mouse. That was when the friendly character made his first appearance in ”Steamboat Willie”. This character has had a huge influence on all of us from all generations. So, here are some ways we can celebrate Mickey Mouse Day this year:

1. Plan a trip to visit the one and only Mouse

What better way to celebrate this holiday than to take a trip to visit The Mouse. Whether it’s going to the Disney Theme Parks or just simply visiting the Disney Store just to say hello to your pal, this is the perfect way to celebrate Mickey Mouse Day. 

 2.  Watch some of your favorite Mickey Mouse VHS tapes and DVDs

Binge-watching some of your favorite VHS tapes and DVDs with your family and friends is the perfect way to honor the holiday. It will also help you bring back fond memories from your childhood. 

3. Make Mickey Mouse pancakes or waffles

One of the best ways to honor the great character is by having Mickey Mouse pancakes or waffles. It will make you feel as if he’s right there with you! 

4. Buy Mickey Mouse products

If you can afford it, consider buying products inspired by him. That’s a great way to showcase your love for him. 

5. Do a random act of kindness

Since this character is all about being everyone’s pal and being kind to others, you should follow in his footsteps. Try taking action and doing something nice for a person in need.  

6. Give hugs

This Mouse is all about giving his pals hugs so why not do the same with those you care about. It proves you’re a very compassionate and loving person. 

7. Go out with your goofiest friends and have a good time

This kind Mouse has always had the best and goofiest group of friends so why not celebrate this day by taking a fun trip to Disney Springs to go shopping! Or to Walt Disney World and have a good time with your goofy friends. 

8. Build a Mickey Mouse lego set

Now, if you want to go back to your childhood, you can celebrate by building a lego set inspired by him. Doing so will bring your family together, all thanks to the lovely mouse.  

9. Read books about Mickey Mouse

This a perfect way to celebrate this holiday and introduce the new generation to this character.

10. Do the Hot Diggity and show your dance skills

If you’re a huge fan of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, you’re probably familiar with the Hot Diggity Dog dance at the end of each episode. That’s when the Mouse does his famous dance with his friends. So why not show your support for the character by dancing your heart out for him. 

Ultimately, there are many ways you can celebrate Mickey Mouse Day. Whether it’s watching the movies or taking a trip to see your favorite pal, I hope you find your own way to cherish this day. 

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