I Learned Firsthand What It’s Really Like To Date A Firefighter

I’ve dated men with a bunch of interesting careers. My most recent ex-boyfriend was a firefighter for his local fire department, though, and dating him was quite an experience, to say the least. 

So what’s it like to date a firefighter? 

Being a firefighter’s girlfriend is difficult but rewarding. Every day, you see your partner risk their life to save others. They put their uniform on with pride every day, then show how strong and compassionate they are when others need their help. Although they care for everyone they meet, firefighters are daredevils, ready to conquer any obstacle. As a firefighter’s partner, though, you’ll learn that even though firefighters put themselves in dangerous situations, they’ll also hold your hand through every obstacle you face, no questions asked. Basically, firefighters are just big, hot (literally!) teddy bears, even if they don’t always show their gentle side

Dating a firefighter is challenging, though. 

Firefighters tend to be confident enough to try anything, and they never back down from dangerous situations. When their adrenaline is pumping, they feel like they’re on top of the world, which is hard to live with if you’re that person who would rather curl up at home with a book. And of course, every time they leave for work, you never know if that moment will be the last time you ever see your firefighter partner, which is scary and stressful.

When you’re dating a firefighter, some nights you worry so much about your partner’s safety that it’s hard to focus on anything else. The hardest part is constantly feeling like you’re on pins and needles… until your firefighter walks up to the door.

While it’s fun to gush to your friends about your brave firefighter and listen to them rave about how sexy your partner looks in his uniform, dating a firefighter can negatively affect your emotional state. For me, dating a firefighter was difficult because I always worried that he would die, and I wouldn’t get to say goodbye

I loved him, but his job was too stressful for me to continue our relationship.

Dating a firefighter may seem like fun and games, but firefighters do serious work. If you’re just as strong as your firefighter, you’ll be the hottest couple on the block, but if you’re easily stressed, you could be playing with fire. If you’re lucky enough to date a firefighter and you can take the heat, hold on through the good and the bad – your brave partner is worth your time!

Feature Image by Aidan Bartos on Unsplash


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