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8 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas That Aren’t Basic

So you got invited to a Halloween bash, but it’s too late to hit up Party City. Fear not! You can still cook up a Halloween costume with items in your home or with a quick, cheeky trip to your nearest supermarket. Here are eight last-minute costume ideas that you’re sure to love:

1. Monster in Human Disguise

This costume is perfect for the person who has a million blue and green eyeshadows that they never use. Simply map out a few areas of your face where you want the human “disguise” to slip through, paint some eyeshadow “scales” using your fingers as an applicator, and trace the scales’ outlines with a brown or black eye pencil for dramatic effect. Do the rest of your makeup as you normally normally would (or go a bit more dramatic on your eyes), and you’re ready to party.

Here’s a cool tutorial by madeyewlook if you have more advanced makeup skills. 

2. Beetlejuice Costume

There are a million-and-one Beetlejuice costume tutorials out there, but my favorite way to embody Beetlejuice is simple. Throw on your least favorite pair of pajamas, and dress it up with “panda eye” makeup. Here’s a glam version of Beetlejuice. Here’s a more advanced makeup version.

3. A Writer

Find whatever sassy coffee mug you have (or better, a ceramic tumblr), grab a pen and paper, and rock up to the party in your pajamas. If you want to elevate “tired writer” look, throw on a pair of eyeglasses and don’t shower for a week. (It’s an authentic costume. I’ve worn it too many times to count.)

4. Pop Art Character

Being a popular character is even easier than being a monster! Get some too-pale foundation and apply copious amounts of eyeliner. (So if you’re a makeup lover, you’re basically set!) Need help? Check out this 4-in-1 video that will transform you into a cool character. The best part is that the tutorial works for anybody because it follows your face shape… but you end up as an awesome comic book character.

5. Robot

All you need to transform into a robot is the gold or bronze eyeshadow that’s probably hiding in your makeup drawer. If you want to be extra this Halloween, pop over to your local drugstore and get some washable metallic hairspray. Slick your hair down as far as it will go, spray, and you’re golden. (I’ll show myself out now.)

6. Raver Costume

If you want to be a raver this Halloween, the equation’s simple. Whatever party gear you have lying around + UV hair spray + that one adventurous lipstick you never wear = an instant party-ready look. Enjoy!

No UV hair spray in your local drugstore? Body glitter is your next best bet. Just remember that glitter sticks around forever, so be prepared to keep your hair tied up for a while afterward.

7. You-but-older

For those of you who have an eyebrow pencil but never, ever apply it: here is a tutorial that will finally put it to good use! Make faces in the mirror, trace the lines of your face with the pencil, and draw some liver spots for an “aging” effect.

8. Monster-but-glam Look

This video is literally called 3 last minute Halloween looks using only beauty products. Try out these glam monster looks in very little time. You are all welcome. 

No matter your personality, if you’re running late on finding the perfect Halloween costume this year, you’ll love these last-minute costume options! Worse comes to worst, you can take an old keyboard (you know you have at least one) and be the comments section of the Internet. Trust me, there will be no one scarier than you this Halloween!

Feature Image via Mean Girls



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