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18 Definite Signs That You’re Obsessed With Halloween

Move over Christmas, Halloween is really the most wonderful time of the year.

Ah, October. The month of scary movies, pumpkin-spiced lattes and, most importantly, the best holiday of the entire calendar year: Halloween.

What’s not to love about being given one day where it’s completely acceptable, as a grown adult, to dress up as anything you want and have a 24-hour license to eat as much candy as your heart desires?!! (Though, FYI: here’s what it’ll really take to work it all off the next day.)

Halloween is an excuse to get a let your inner freak flag fly. You can make cool holiday-themed shots and cocktails and decorate your home with fake spider-webs and black-and-orange EVERYTHING. And if you’re a diehard fan, chances are you already started doing all of this a month ago. (Okay, *cough* *cough* maybe two months ago…)

Anyone who lives for October 31st will recognize these obsessive signs all too well…

1. You start planning your next Halloween costume the moment the clock strikes 12 on October 31.

2. And you talk about it all year ’round.

3. You literally prefer Halloween over Christmas.

4. Halloween isn’t just on October 31 to you – the entire month is Halloween.

5. You’re personally offended when people don’t get into the spirit and rock up to your parties sans costume.

6. You firmly believe you’re never too old to dress up or go trick-or-treating. Snickerdoodle, anyone?

7. You’ve been known to take your Halloween diet very seriously.

8. Carving pumpkins is your favorite artistic activity.

9. In fact, sometimes you get a little too into it.

10. To get in the right mood, you exclusively watch horror movies in the month of October.

11. Throwing a Halloween party is more exciting to you than having your own birthday party.

12. You’re constantly looking for awesome costumes to wear with your best friend, or cute couples costumes if you’re loved up.

13. You love guessing what people’s costumes are.

14. You take pride in always having the best, most amazing, ingenious costume every year.

15. You watch Halloween makeup tutorials all year ’round, and even buy Halloween-themed makeup brushes to really get in the mood.

16. The entire holiday brings out a whole new (and spooky) side of you.

17. You could never be with anyone who didn’t also love it with every fiber of their being.

18. It isn’t just a day for you, it’s a lifestyle.

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Originally written by Kassi Klover on SHESAID

Feature Image by tony hernandez on Unsplash



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