End Of An Era: A Thank You Letter To You

As my time as a writer and editor for Unwritten comes to an end, I wanted to leave you readers with two things: a big thank you and an apology. 

First, I wanted to thank everyone who has followed me and reading my stories. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed creating them. I started writing for Unwritten as a way to boost my resume while I was still working to get my journalism degree. Not only did I get that, I also met wonderful women whose friendships I cherish, I was given a platform to tell other people’s stories and I got to improve my writing. 

Second, to the readers whom I may have offended, hurt or rubbed the wrong way, I am truly sorry. I know there are articles–which have since been deleted–that caused pain and concern for some readers. That was never my intention. 

Before I just started writing exclusively about entertainment news, I often took inspiration from others for the more personal stories. For example, the “When It Comes To You Everything Is Better Off Dead” article is based off my friend who went through a terrible heartbreak when we were just 19. My sorority sisters never wanted to get married, so I wrote about that, etc. When I saw my friends (and partly myself) struggle with different things or go through really hard times, I thought writing about those experiences would help readers feel less alone. 

When I was in high school, two of my best friends and I made it our goal to sit by people at lunch who were alone. Even though we didn’t know them at all, we wanted them to feel welcome and a part. And that’s what I thought I could do with Unwritten. I thought that if I told other people’s stories (sprinkled with tiny, tiny parts of my own experiences) that I would help at least one reader not feel so alone in the world. I know the topics I wrote about are real life problems and I wanted to help others not feel like “they were sitting at the lunch table alone,” of sorts. 

In order to make the stories more personal and relatable, I used first person: “I,” “me,” and”my”.” I see how one might think all of the stories I published were 100% about me.  The reason I’m a journalist is because I love to give other people a platform to tell their stories, not publish a personal diary of my entire life and feelings. Even though some of the stories had pieces of myself in them, a lot of them were taken from other people’s experiences. I should have been more transparent, and I’m sorry for the confusion. 

As for myself, maybe one day I’ll be comfortable enough to write about my own life experiences. I have found my voice when writing about other people, but I have yet to find it when talking about myself. 

I appreciate you all for being supportive and reading my work. I hope our paths cross again. 



Photo courtesy of Pixabay.


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