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6 Ethical & Sustainable Fashion Brands To Watch Out For

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Ethical brands went from marginal to the mainstream during 2019. In 2018, we observed a shift from bad fashion practices to the more sustainable fashion industry. Now, it’s even higher of a priority. From high street brands to luxury brands, fashion manufacturers and retailers are paying closer attention to how the industry impacts the environment and our society. It’s something you should care about too.

Here are 10 ethical fashion brands to watch out for in 2019.

1. MadeByWave

MadeByWave actively supports local arts and crafts in the face of industrialization and mass-produced goods. The brand manufactures various products by using traditional beading and weaving techniques. Moreover, they make sure that all craftsmen in their workshops receive a fair wage. The brand also ensures on a frequent basis that all their employees are working in good conditions. 

2. J. Crew

The J. Crew fashion group seems to pay the most attention to their supply chain operations and tries to empower workers as much as possible. The brand is currently collaborating with Fair Trade USA to certify a large number of their collections. The company is also collaborating with various establishments that support nonprofits, such as GivingAssistant.org. This company offers deals on J. Crew clothes, which let shoppers earn cashback to either keep or donate to one of the thousands of nonprofits. Additionally, J. Crew’s new denim collection focuses on empowering all workers — those in factories, stores, and farms —  regardless of their gender, and helps them bring their contributions in the local communities.

3. Monsoon

Monsoon is a clothing brand that highly commits to ethical trading and manufacturing. All of their factory employees receive generous workers’ rights and pay, as well as favorable working conditions. The brand constantly checks their factories to ensure that each one is following the Code of Conduct regarding employee treatment. The brand has also started to implement measures to reduce carbon emissions and is actively involved in sustainability matters. Finally, Monsoon started to integrate more organic cotton into their manufacturing process and closely collaborates with the Ethical Trading Initiative. 


ETHCS is a clothing brand that focuses on producing vegan clothing items and cruelty-free sourced materials. Alongside other players in the fashion industry, the brand is assuring their customers that none of the products available on their website were manufactured by overworked, underpaid, or unsafe employees, or by using child or forced labor. The company also uses exclusively organic cotton in the manufacturing process and the packaging is as minimal as possible. 

5. Good Krama

Good Krama is a Cambodian brand that makes a point of using all leftover garments in their factories or other manufacturers’ factories. This company focuses entirely on reducing waste while also creating unique pieces. They also use 100% organic cotton in the manufacturing process. Good Krama is a breath of fresh air for those who pay attention to the ethical values of the brands they consider. This company makes sure that all employees receive fair pay and other employee benefits and also safe and healthy conditions. The company also offers all employees development and skill-learning opportunities. 

6. Kathaa

Kathaa may be the most peculiar clothing brand on this list since their business is entirely based on not-for-profit sales. The clothing brand aims to raise money through their sales for women and children in Nepal. The brand is a product of the Nepal Youth Foundation and all profits are directed to the organization. In return, the Nepal Youth Foundation helps educate and raise young women, who were previously enslaved. By allowing them to work in Kathaa factories, women are provided with a way to sustain themselves and their families. Moreover, all workers receive a decent living wage, safe working conditions, and fair labor contracts. 

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There is a nearly endless number of clothing brands in the world, but many of them aren’t ethical in their practices. These six companies care about the impact of their products — and you should too.

What’s your favorite ethical brand? Tell us in the comments!

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