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Why All Signs Point To Mike Johnson Becoming The Next Bachelor

In 23 seasons of The Bachelor, we’ve never seen an African American lead. The criticism of the show’s lack of diversity, known as “Bachelor So White,” has been ongoing. Back in May, actress Ellen Pompeo even pointed this out in a tweet directed at the show creator, Mike Fleiss.

However, fans are hoping this will all change with Mike Johnson.

Johnson is currently a contestant vying for Bachelorette Hannah Brown’s heart. After only a few episodes, Johnson has already won over many viewers at home.

Instead of cheering for him to end up with Brown, fans are begging producers to make him the next Bachelor. In fact, the hashtag #MikeForBachelor is all over Twitter right now.


Series alums Bekah Martinez and Ashley Iaconetti even voiced their support on their podcasts, Chatty Broads and The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast.

Aside from having amazing eyebrows, here’s what we know about Johnson, a 31-year-old portfolio manager:

ABC states that Johnson is an Air Force vet from San Antonio, Texas. We’ve also seen his close relationship with his sister on Instagram. On the first episode of The Bachelorette, Johnson brought his grandmother flowers and truly listened to Hannah. He revealed in a later episode that he and his previous girlfriend were expecting a baby, but unfortunately suffered a miscarriage. Johnson blamed his lack of support for the ultimate failure of that relationship, and showed regret. He clearly respects women, and now he’s ready to settle down and get married.

Can Mike Johnson be any more dreamy?

As of late, the potential lead has been quiet on his social media, making us believe he is prepping for the next season of The Bachelor or busy filing for Bachelor In Paradise. However, popular reality show gossip columnist Reality Steve debunked this by tweeting spoilers that don’t mention Mike at all.

So, here’s to hoping that the producers listen to the fans and improve the show’s representation in diversity. We’d love them to select a man who respects women and actually wants love versus internet fame.

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