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It’s Chris Evans’ Birthday And Twitter Is Celebrating In The Best Way

Finally the day is here! June 13 marks the birthday of Captain America, AKA Chris Evans. The American actor and director turns 38 today and still gets even better looking with each day! (Let’s be honest, there are a million reasons why the world loves him, but his looks are a huge reason).

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His career spans many genres, but most notably the Avengers franchise. Recently, he turned his focus towards directing since he finished his role of Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

His birthday wishes came flooding from different parts of the world and included his co-stars-turned-friends as well as his fans. Turns out, the entire world is celebrating his birthday!

One of his birthday wishes came from Iron Man himself. And it also gave praise to the brilliant scene from Avengers: Endgame.

Then, Robert Downey Jr., who is exactly like his Marvel character, promised Chris a kiss on the cheek. Which also made fans swoon over the brotherly love between these two!

Moreover, another one of his co-stars, Mark Ruffalo, wished Chris a happy birthday and posted a behind scenes photo from the Avengers set.


Afterward, Chris thanked his friend to which the Hulk replied with “Glad you are here, man”. I’m not crying, you are…

In addition to his Marvel co-stars, his devoted fans also sent birthday wishes. Later, in honor of his special day, one fan made a compilation of the best photos of him. Also along with his adorable puppy named Dodger.

A talented handsome man who also loves dogs? It doesn’t get cuter than that!

Many other people, also including verified trailer accounts, wished the Star-Spangled Man the best day.

We’re all with you, Chris. Til the end of the line…

Furthermore, Twitter users even managed to include his incredible dance moves in their wishes. We could all use a man with such moves!

Oh, and the other compilation of wishes pays tribute to his many other unique attributes.


Chris, who obviously found humor in this trending topic, thanked everyone for all the birthday wishes by posting a #throwbackthursday photo in gratitude.

We’re all grateful for this gem as well as his “velour, Sean John tracksuit” that he’s sporting. Moreover, we will all keep it in our memory.

We don’t know what the future holds for our beloved Chris Evans. But what we do know is that he plans to focus more on directing his own movies to gain more experience. Just as he said in a recent interview about his first directing debut Before We Go, “I don’t mind making mistakes. It makes me grow and become better.” That’s the spirit!

Hence, let’s all wish happy birthday to America’s ass!

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