5 Celebrity Instagram Accounts You Absolutely Need To Follow

There is something I love about an aesthetically appealing Instagram page. The bright colors and the content influencers create always draws me in, especially when an entertaining blog accompanies it. A lot of celebrities are jumping on the Insta-blog bandwagon because of their massive online followings and strong opinions. Thankfully for us, however, that means lots of quality content from our favorite idols.

Here are some celebrities with great feeds – and even better blogs to match:

Lauren Conrad Co.


Conrad, who created her own popular lifestyle brand, is truly the queen of blogs. Lauren Conrad Co. is the hub where you can find everything Lauren, from her fashion line to her blog to her store, The Little Market. Additionally, she even has her own podcast, which features fun DIY activities. Her account is a relaxing follow, and it gives us the inspiration we seriously need in our lives.

Sydel Curry-Lee

Sydel is best known for her university volleyball career and her famous family. Moreover, she’s the daughter of former NBA player Dell Curry and women’s volleyball coach Sonya Curry and sister of NBA players Steph and Seth Curry. On her blog, Sydel expresses her perspectives on relevant topics like marriage and mental health, which has helped her garner a substantial following. She’s a lifestyle star on the rise, and at 24 years old, she’s just getting started.

Ashley Tisdale

This former High School Musical star’s blog follows in her character Sharpay’s love for everything fashion and music-related. Ashley’s blog and YouTube channel cover everything from passion projects to beauty product reviews to everyday life. Ashley has a wide variety of content, and her empowering messages are sure to inspire you, too.

Haylie Duff


This mommy mogul has really made a name for herself as a go-to source of “food porn” inspo and parenting advice. Haylie’s website and Instagram have launched into a full lifestyle brand that just keeps expanding. Haylie posts easy recipes, home decor and renovation tips, and of course, pictures of her adorable daughters, Ryan and Lulu. Her hilarious stories about her girls’ antics will totally make your day.

Shay Mitchell


While she mainly focuses on her travel adventures, this Pretty Little Liars alum has branched out to sharing product reviews, travel tips, , and life hacks. Her fresh perspective is beyond entertaining, and her feed will give you constant FOMO, but she’s definitely aspirational and wise, too.

Sure, some celebs’ recommended products may be out of our budgets, and we’ll never be able to afford the gigantic homes they own. But at least we can all agree that our favorite celebrities’ Instagram blogs are worth the lessons we learn from them Do yourself a favor and press that follow button on these accounts – you won’t regret it!

Feature Image via Shay Mitchell


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