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8 Signs You And Your Best Friend Share An Unbreakable Bond

Aside from absolutely loving your best friend’s personality, there are a lot of other contributing factors that help distinguish your best friend from the good friends you have in your life. Obviously, mutual love and understanding have to be up there because it’s always a love that’s reciprocated.

But what do all best friends and soul sisters have in common?

Sense of Humor

The best moments in life are the ones you spend laughing. So if you’re with someone who always has your cheeks hurting from smiling and tears in your eyes, chances are your friendship is one of the strongest ones because you share the same sense of humor. That’s why you have inside jokes and can tag each other in memes. You automatically know what the other is thinking when something happens. And that’s the best thing.

You Admire Her Hustle

You may not have the same careers or any work that remotely relates to each other’s, but you’ll always appreciate your girl’s work ethic. Not only that, but you’ll push her to pursue her dreams even when she doesn’t find the strength to believe in herself. You always want what’s best for her. Sometimes, it can mean that your relationship may be pushed aside for work, but that never makes you feel lonely.

You Share and Keep Serious Secrets

Having a best friend is amazing because they are that one person who holds all of your secrets and you feel no shame of telling her – you just need to get it off your chest. And she will respect that and keep it to herself. But you two also share each other’s secrets and you reciprocate trust which is incredibly crucial to have.

You Like and Hate The Same People

While your personalities may differ, the type of people you love and hate are usually the same. Maybe it’s the girl code to hate the same people or maybe it’s a common sense of good character, but you both are always on the same page about people and are usually right all along. Plus, she’ll always have your back against those you don’t get along with.

You Take Adventures

Even if it isn’t a road trip to some exotic city but to a corner store to buy ice cream at 11 p.m. on a Thursday, you will always enjoy spending time together. It doesn’t have to be fancy wherever you go. You just enjoy spending time together and going anywhere because you always have a blast. What better way to bond over these memories later on?

You Have Similar Tastes in Shows and Music

While my best friend might like to watch shows like Stranger Things and Sons of Anarchy, and I prefer shows like One Tree Hill and How I Met Your Mother, we share a common ground of loving cheesy reality TV shows like Teen Mom or Keeping Up With the Kardashians. But that’s okay. It just means that we have slightly different tastes but we find the same things entertaining from time to time, and we both respect each other’s differences.

You Have a Push and Pull

Life gets busier the older we get, so there are many times where one of you may be putting in more effort than the other. With how crazy adulting is, you can expect this to happen. However, it’ll eventually switch sooner or later. But at the end of the day, you will always push and pull in every relationship. Being flexible with that comes naturally because you just want to spend more time together.

You Never Have to Question Her

If she hasn’t texted you for days or wants to cancel plans so she can have her alone time, you don’t even have to think about getting offended. You understand where she’s coming from. And if you feel that she’s been distant, you trust your gut to know she’ll reach out when she can. There’s no big deal and no matter how much time passes, you’ll act as if nothing’s changed when you meet again.

Having friends and having a best friend are two similar but different things that only you and your bestie can distinguish. Cherish this bond, because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime connection that not many people out there are lucky to have.

Feature image by Kristopher Roller via Unsplash.



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