What You Need To Know About Over-The-Top Food Trends

The latest food trends always interest me because I’m a die-hard foodie. Sadly, they often fade before I even try them. Thankfully, avocado toast stuck around because I love it! Many other trends have come and gone, such as the cronut and blacktop milkshakes. These trends are exactly that. A food item gains five minutes of fame to build some hype, so people snap photos and place them on Instagram because it’s just so “IG worthy.”

Whether we embrace them or not, food trends are here to stay.

Sure, some people may have some FOMO, but there is always access to the Internet where you can find the recipe or something very similar. How cool would it be to show up at the next party with your own version of a new hip recipe? Food trends bring excitement, a sense of adventure, and a chance to try new recipes.

Our society as a whole is on the hunt for the next big food trend. When people introduce funky new recipes, the food trends become topics of conversation and sometimes, even pop-up stores open, which allow people to meet, mingle, and try new foods. These trends should be fun, but instead, people start to think they’re missing out. The trends themselves shouldn’t be the main focus. Instead, we should foster emotional connections with people and seek other life experiences like trips and little moments of bliss.

If you create special moments and focus on them, you’ll find that they hold so much more value than stressing yourself out about FOMO and Instagram likes.

Where I live, they host a local cupcake festival annually. For a couple years, I went with my best friends. We loved trying all the unique cupcakes! Although we didn’t make it this year, I feel incredibly thankful for the fun times and memories we experienced as a result of a silly food trend.

So, if there’s a new food trend, I’m going to partake in it for fun, but I’m not going to rely on them for happiness and personal satisfaction. When I miss something, I may be temporarily disappointed, but I’m going to instead focus on the people around me and the emotional connections I have with them. I think that is far more important than the next food trend.

Food will be around for years to come.

Chefs and foodies will keep reinventing new recipes every week,and they will come and go just like the many others we see. We may be obsessed with them, but let’s instead focus on bonding with friends and having fun trying out new foods with them.

Featured Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash.


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