Why Falling In Love In Dreams Is More Common Than You Think

Everyone fantasizes about falling in love is at least once in their lives, whether they want to admit it or not. We all want that “happily ever after” kind of love, but why do we have dreams about it? It’s so common because we see people fall in love with each other every day, even if we don’t mean to see it happen.

Watching people fall in love affects our perception of love, and we can’t help but want true love ourselves.

When you watch romantic movies like The Notebook before bed, of course, you’re going to dream about love and discover that when you wake up, your mind is still full of lovey-dovey thoughts. But when realize that love is all around us, we will continue to think about love… and see it follow us into our slumbers.

Apparently, people often dream about love when they meet new people or experience new things. Our bodies carry over those excited feelings into our sleep, and our brains translate those feelings into love and admiration. We can also dream about things our subconscious picks up that we wish we had.

So if you’re single and feeling lonely, you may find your sweet dreams revolving around lovers.

Experts say that the person we fall in love with in our dreams doesn’t matter, as long as the feelings are positive and relaxing. Dreams can impact our mood for days after the fact. Dreams about love often help us grow and gain comfort with ourselves and others.

Being in love with someone, especially if they’re the right person, can also feel like a dream in the beginning, particularly if you frequently read romance novels or watch sappy movies. Then, you’ll realize that your dreams are now your reality, and it’s possible to have that dreamlike Cinderella fairytale. But until then, even if we don’t want to wake up from our “love dreams” and realize that we’re still single, love is a huge part of our world. It’s up to us to embrace our feelings about falling in love, whether we want to or not.

Falling in love is magical, and people love to dream about magic coming to life. The idea of love makes everyone happy in the long run, since society makes it easy for us to find love everywhere we go.

Feature Image by Everton Vila on Unsplash


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