5 Sweet Ways To Celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day

I have a confession to make: chocolate chip cookies are my weakness, my kryptonite if you will. I can’t resist them unless they’re overbaked and like a rock.

Chocolate chips are a versatile mix-in ingredient, whether they’re in a cookie or brownie, as part of an ice cream sundae, or even in a healthier option like a granola bar. The chocolate chip serves numerous purposes, but its intent is simple: putting a smile on the faces of those who eat them.

Today is National Chocolate Chip Day, and I thought it would be a fun idea to highlight some of the best ways that chocolate chips are used in all sorts of sweet treats.

Could this treat look any better?

This dessert, coming from Silky Smooth Lounge out in Los Angeles & Orange County, combines a frozen ice cream base, chocolate chip cookies, individual chocolate chips scattered throughout and a chocolate drizzle. If this doesn’t make you want to hop in your car (or on a flight) then you may want to look again.

Who said chocolate chips can’t be help with those gains?

This nutrient-rich snack from ProDough (located in Cleveland, OH) is safe to eat by the spoonful, unlike traditional cookie dough. Fun fact, this edible cookie dough (featuring great amounts of chocolate chips) was featured at the 2019 NFL Combine! If you’re looking for a new way to get some fuel before your next trip to the gym, check out ProDough!

One of my favorite parts of Instagram is that I can easily find inspiration for my next home baking project.

One mouthwatering treat I stumbled upon was this peanut butter chocolate chip squares. Filled with both chocolate chips and peanut butter chips, I’m staring at my oven counting down the moment they ding “ready.”

Much like Bruce in Matilda, I’m a sucker for a good piece of cake.

Vanilla, Chocolate, Swirl, Cheesecake, you name it, I’ll eat. This winter white cake is perfectly topped with chocolate chips to accent the picture perfect frosting job. The role of the chocolate chip is to both give the frosting an added flavor, as well as stand out within the moist case, staking their claim as the prized possession.

Did somebody say “doughnuts?”

If you didn’t, that’s okay, because I definitely did. The bakers over at Lakeside Licks took all of my favorite things (chocolate, doughnuts, frosting) and created this Triple Chocolate Doughnut. On top of all that (pun intended), they added chocolate chips as a garnish to an already delectable sweet.

Whether you’re a chocolate chip traditionalist and like your chocolate chips in your cookies or you like to color outside of the lines, there is a chocolate chip treat in store for you.

Let us know what your favorite use of the chocolate chip is!

Image credit by Jade Wulfraat


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