5 Hot Lipstick Trends You Should Definitely Rock This Summer

If there’s one thing I love during any time of the year, it’s my lips looking glam. I love having some sort of gloss or lipstick on them. With the seasons quickly changing, we have so many new lip trends to stay alert to!

Here are 5 lippy trends you must try this summer:

Bright Pink

A bright pink lip is always a classic look for the summer months. Summer is the time for to look fun and flirty, and pink is definitely fun! It’s also that feminine color that works with almost any outfit. Pink lipstick or gloss works with any skin tone, so there’s no excuse to not find the shade that’s meant for you! Plus, you can experiment with bright shades that you wouldn’t normally try in the fall or winter.

Centre Dab

If you desire fuller lips, this trick is for you! Simply use a shadow brush (or your finger) to apply a bit of blush to the center of your top and bottom lip after you’ve applied your lipstick. It’s as easy as that!

Matching Your Lipstick With Your Eyes

The bright eyeshadow trend continues gaining popularity as the weather heats up, but that means you must find a lipstick to match your eye makeup. Matching your eyes and lips provides a stronger, more unified look while allowing you to play with your palette. To accomplish this look, just wear a lipstick that is the same color as your eyeshadow.

Lip Gloss on Top Of Your Lipstick

If you bought a shade of lipstick that looked great in the store, but now you hate it, fear no more! Putting a clear gloss (and sometimes a tinted one) over any lipstick color is now a trend. Plus, this helps you stand out by adding a bit of shimmer to your lips while everyone else is sporting the same shade.

Bright and Bold

When the weather is better and the fashion is more vibrant, your lipstick can be, too. Try shades of red, orange, purple, or pink to accompany your summer wardrobe.

Statement lips are a staple in every fashionista’s closet, and it’s about time everyone starts jumping on this bandwagon. Lovely lip trends are incredibly easy to accomplish because they require such little effort. Even those who struggle with applying makeup (like myself) can accomplish these trends. Plus, if you put more emphasis on your lips, you don’t have to struggle with perfecting your eyeshadow, especially in the blistering heat where it’s bound to melt off anyway.

Photo by Spencer Dahl on Unsplash


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