Why The New “Child’s Play” Reboot Has Terrifying Potential

Orion Pictures (an offshoot of MGM) is coming out with a reboot of the Child’s Play series.

Child’s Play is most known as Chucky. The doll that harbors the spirit of an insane serial killer, causing the doll to go rogue and kill everything and everyone in its way. This in itself is a pretty terrifying concept.

As a child, I remember hiding under a bed while one of the other children was saying that Chucky was going to come and get us.

I didn’t watch the movies until later in life, so they were a little less scary. But they were still scary enough. Child’s Play was a cult classic. Now the fans of this have something new to look forward to.

Based on the trailer, it’s much more appealing to this generation. The doll is still named Chucky, but it’s called a “Buddi Doll”. It’s a buddy for everyone, and much like everything else now, it can connect to all other devices created by its parent company, Kaslan. Is anyone else suspiciously eyeing their Amazon Alexa right now? The trailer shows the classic line of Andy saying to his mom, “Something’s wrong with Chucky!” and of course, the disbelief. It’s natural not to believe that this doll could be wreaking any havoc, isn’t it? Well, spoiler alert – the doll is definitely wreaking some havoc. Now, though, Chucky can use every smart device to his aid. That’s some insanity waiting to happen.

This reboot takes a slightly more original spin, and a lot of the magical mystery out of how the serial killer happened to get into the body of the doll. It’s now as if this doll is just the terrifying idea of a robot taking on a mind of its own. This rogue-killer doll connects to everything around it. When the killer doll decides it’s your time, with seemingly unlimited resources, there are no limits unless you’ve decided to live in a technology-free world, but even then, are you safe? It could be hard to tell.

The movie is coming out June 21st of 2019, with the added creepy voice of Mark Hamill, we’ll have to wait and see for ourselves.

Image credit by IndieWire


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