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4 Ways Travel Positively Impacts Your Everyday Life

With suitcase in one hand and passport in the other, you are now ready to awaken the wanderlust in you!

Travel can be one of the most adventurous and enriching experiences of your life. Whether you’re backpacking to the most remote corners of the world or jet-setting through a bustling, cosmopolitan city and getting cozy at a 5-star hotel, your possibilities are endless!. Journeying to foreign countries will expose you to different cultures, languages, and cuisines that will linger in your memory for years to come.

Travelling exposes you to different cultures.

The unknown can be intimidating at first.  However, it can also be an invitation to learn about something new and different. By immersing yourself in unfamiliar cultures, you melt away internal biases and develop grand-scale empathy. Whether it’s some isolated village in the Amazon or a short trip to France with your girlfriends, these experiences help you understand people and their culture.

Foreign journeys break down language barriers.

While English is the second most widely spoken language around the world, any  traveller will tell you that it is not spoken everywhere. When you find yourself in a non-English speaking country , you quickly develop non-traditional ways to communicate. Learning to adapt is a useful tool which can help in your everyday life.

You learn resourcefulness in a sticky situations.

Nothing will bring out your inner MacGyver quite like finding yourself in the middle of a dilemma in a foreign country. You may have lost your passport and have to navigate the bureaucratic channels of an embassy to get help. Maybe you missed your bus and need to find an alternate means of transportation. You may even have been bumped from your  flight and have to contact a company such as AirHelp to ensure you get to your destination. These moments teach you to overcome adversity and help you strategize in life.

Travel makes you appreciate your life back  “Home Sweet Home.”

While travelling can be exciting and exhilarating, it can also make you crave the comfort of home. Travelling inspires gratitude. You’ll appreciate even the smallest (and sometimes irritating) parts of your home after a sprint in a foreign land.

Next time you immerse yourself in a foreign vacation, keep these wonderfully enriching parts of travel in your mind. Where will you explore next? What destinations are on your bucket list? Share with us in the comments!

Feature Image by Amos Bar-Zeev on Unsplash



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