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The One-Piece Swimsuit Guide You Need For Summer 2019

Summer is right around the corner which means food, fun, enjoying the outdoors, and, of course, spending some time  in the water. Beach or pool, it does not matter to many of us. As long as we are cooling off and relaxing, everything is good. PopSugar reported that Nordstrom has just added 17 new one-piece swimsuits to their beachwear lineup. The one-piece style no longer belong to the moms. It’s for everyone who wants to rock their sexy curves while staying comfortable in the heat. We rounded up the hottest new one-piece suits from Nordstrom for you to consider this upcoming season.

Billabong that one-piece swimsuit, $90 USD, nordstrom.com

Besides the fact that black is a very slimming color to wear, this suit can be used for a sexy ocean date with the one you love. By not having to worry about what you look like, you can really enjoy yourself. The polka dots also show your playful side.

Red Carter juanita plunging one-piece swimsuit, $150 USD, nordstrom.com

Red is the universal color for sex and love, and this suit creates that feel. It is a strapped, halter top suit with buttons down the middle. Classy meets sexy is the vibe that the suit is giving off. It is for that sexy beach date where you and your date will lay on a towel and watch the sunset together. With this suit, a love connection is sure to happen.

Bleu by Rod Beauttie belted one-piece swimsuit, $129 USD, nordstrom.com

This swimsuit is very unique since it has an accenting teal belt. It can help hide the part of that stomach we’re conscious of or just keep it as a cute accessory. This suit is for those who want to remain a little conservative. It definitely has a cute look, but the class is still there.

Solid & Striped the poppy one-piece swimsuit, $158, nordstrom.com

The orange and blue straps on this suit would look great on a sunny day. It is the perfect suit for a selfie, because you will look good from every angle. The straps will add that extra touch to the swim suit because the bright blue stripes outline the bodice and pull attention towards your beautiful face. It’s also adjustable so you can tie it however tight you need.

Becca west V one-piece swimsuit, $138, nordstrom.com

If you are that type of person that does not like one color, this is the swimsuit for you. There is a bold stripe design in variation of colours. For the most creative person, this is the suit for you!

I bet you never thought you would wear a one-piece in this lifetime. I honestly thought that this style would not come back. Well, they are  back as a trend so add some of these suits to your list when you go shopping. Picking the right suit for our summer body is a important decision. Enjoy shopping!

Photo by Jose Ros Photo on Unsplash



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