The Best (And Worst) On Time’s ‘100 Most Influential of 2019’ List

TIME Magazine recently released 2019’s list of The Top 100 Most Influential People. While some of our faves have deservingly made the list (Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga), some of the choices were blatantly offensive (Brett Kavanaugh and Donald Trump).

We all know that you can’t please everyone, but why did TIME Magazine even try?

Putting Christine Blasey-Ford and Brett Kavanaugh on the same list? Excuse me? I still don’t understand how these two are even in the same league. Their names have appeared together in several magazines, sure, but in case you forgot, it’s not because they’ve both equally impacted the world in a positive way.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the same list as Donald Trump? Yes, they were both highly influential in 2019, but she was influential for trying to change politics in a positive way. I don’t know if I can say the same for Trump, other than that he sure used his Twitter account to stir up drama.

In contrast to reading TIME’s questionable political choices,seeing Ariana, and Taylor make the list was incredibly validating. These women have been through so much on their path to fame.  They persevered and pushed forward, showing other young women that it’s OK to follow your dreams.

Although I don’t completely agree with this year’s list, a few names stood out as  wonderful choices:

Jane Goodall earned her place because she’s showed us that we should love every living creature.

85-year-old Goodall has spent the last 60 years working with animals. Now, she spreads optimism throughout the world. She speaks out about climate change and is a renowned philanthropist. Jane Goodall absolutely deserves her place on this list.

Pope Francis has put his reputation on the line to protect minors and address sexual abuse within the Catholic Church.

His determination to protect the vulnerable is admirable. Pope Francis believes that the abuse of minors and other vulnerable populations is on par with the abuse of the body of Christ. He is determined to make a difference and restore the Catholic Church’s image.

Michelle Obama encourages people of all backgrounds to continue their education.

She doesn’t just believe in being amazing; she encourages people to shatter the glass ceiling. Michelle Obama has won our hearts on multiple occasions. Despite constant criticism, Michelle Obama always holds her head up and pushes forward. She’s even a best-selling author now, thanks to her book, Becoming.

Lady Gaga constantly displays her inventive, creative, outrageous personality all while ignoring others’ concern.

Her career has been a wild ride, especially considering that people have criticized and insulted her. Yet she continues to provide her fans breathtaking self-expression with her music, costumes, and kickass performances. She’s an active voice for the LGBTQ community and an encouraging advocate for many other causes, too. Gaga is truly an icon.

There’s not enough time for us to cover TIME’s whole list, but please check it out. While I don’t agree with all of the acclaimed magazine’s choices, maybe TIME was going for a yin-yang goal with this year’s list. They may have tried to choose one person from each side, a little darkness to match the shining stars.

Are you happy with this year’s “influential people” list? Who did TIME Magazine leave out? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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