Which Crayola Crayon Color Are These 8 Celebrities?

As a kid in school, having a box of Crayola crayons was the ultimate status symbol. It was next level if you had the box of 64 crayons that had the sharpener. The color options from Crayola helped young kids bring to life their dreams, visions, goals, and imagination. From “Screamin Green” to “Razzle

Dazzle Rose”, there is a color that every person can best identify as their color.

I thought that in honor of National Crayola Day it would be fun to match some celebrities to Crayola crayon colors that best represent their identities.

Cardi B – Electric Lime

Ever since Cardi B made her way into our lives with hysterical Instagram videos and some of the best rap lyrics turned Instagram captions, she’s certainly been electric. Much like “electric lime”, my girl Cardi B stands out for her over the top, larger than life personality, and it’s hard to not pay attention to her.

The Rock – Midnight Blue

One of my favorite entertainers/athletes growing up was Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He could be both stone cold serious, and also light up the room all at the same time. He’s flawlessly transitioned from “The People’s Champ” to one of the biggest box office stars in modern history. Dwayne’s strong work ethic is reflective of midnight blue. He works long into the night and it’s a powerful color that seamlessly fits with everything around it.

Taylor Swift – Sunglow

While Taylor Swift has certainly made a name for herself the past few years being elusive before she releases a new project. Much like “sunglow” she can certainly stand out. Taylor has continued to evolve with each album cycle as she’s grown older, and like “sunglow” she is an artist & entertainer that will remain forever shining.

Jimmy Fallon – Screamin Green

Mr. Fallon has made a career out of being outrageous and making people remember him. Jimmy has been making audiences laugh for close to two decades. And his personality and charm certainly screams comedian. He makes sure that the spotlight is on him and that’s why I think this green is fitting for his personality

Kelly Clarkson – Purple Pizazz

The true American Idol, Kelly Clarkson has been wowing audiences since 2002 with her incredible vocal range. She certainly steals the show, but she’s also complementary to those she surrounds herself with. Whether she’s hosting award shows, turning chairs on “The Voice”, or selling out arenas on tour, this beautiful woman definitely has pizazz.

Justin Bieber – Tumbleweed

If we were talking about Justin Bieber even 4 years ago, he definitely would be a different color. I’m all for people trying to better their lives and focus on themselves, but… Justin’s career—much like the color—has been nothing but tumbleweeds. Every now and then a glimmer of hope blows on by, but he’s lost that spark he once had.

Ariana Grande – Jazzberry Jam

I know that her current aesthetic is almost bubble gum/bright pink, but I’m a firm believer that she fits more into a Jazzberry Jam. She’s one of, if not the biggest artist out there right now. However she also has a subtle & more subdued tint to her when she doesn’t want to be “on.” Ari has been through more in her short life than most people have in their lifetime, but she’s as special as “jazzberry jam”.

Drake – Eggplant

Aside from the obvious that most of his music belongs on a “Poundtown Playlist” and he’s one of the most sought after bachelors, the human emoji is fitting. Eggplant’s color is not super flashy, it’s durable, with a hint of color, like the artist from the “6”. While Jimmy Edwards had trouble with his eggplant during his Degrassi days, Drake is the living embodiment of big dick energy.

With Crayola, there is certainly a color for everyone. What color best describes you? Leave your answers in the comments 🙂

Featured image via Kelly Clarkson on Instagram


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