Here’s Why Shawn Mendes & Justin Bieber Are Battling On Instagram

We all know Elvis Presley as the “King of Rock” and Aretha Franklin as the “Queen of Soul.” More recently, we’ve labeled Michael Jackson as the “King of Pop,” Madonna and the “Queen of Pop,” and Britney Spears as the “Princess of Pop.”

But, who earns the title as “Prince of Pop?”

Well, it appears that Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes are both fighting for that title! And it’s all going down in the comments on an Instagram picture.

The Observer Magazine recently dubbed Canadian pop star Shawn Mendes with the coveted royal title. To celebrate his new appointment, Mendes posted a picture of the cover to his Instagram. Fellow Canadian star Justin Bieber saw the celebratory post and made a witty comment.

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See you two on the ice. #CommentsByCelebs

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Bieber’s Instagram displays his lack of amusement surrounding the situation. In his statement, he offers the option to play for it over a game of hockey, but then says, “I heard [you’re] a real bender on the ice.”

For those who don’t speak Canadian, this totally seems aggressive and uncalled for. But for Canadians, Bieber’s “attack” is actually playful banter.

Don’t believe me? Here’s the translation:

  • Bud is often a term for friend.
  • A game of hockey always helps make everything better, plus it’s how Canadians often settle scores.
  • A bender is basically a term for if they’re good at hockey or not.
  • Finally, saying “We could drop the bucket and tilt for it,” means “Let’s drop the helmets and fight.”

This is all just really Canadian.

However, unaware fans are actually starting their own battle in the comment section of Shawn’s post. There are over 5000 comments and counting. There’s the scent of drama all over this!

After what felt like millions of attacks and a whole lot of filthy language between fandoms, Biebs clarified his comment to put an end to the blood battle.

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*Update to previous post #CommentsByCelebs

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Justin clarified that his comments were all in good fun and basically confirmed that there’s no bad blood between the two singers. Luckily Shawn knew what he was talking about and even played on what the Biebs said!

While Mendes doesn’t seem to be taking the comment seriously. The fans, on the other hand, are under a lot of stress and are still going at it. Of course, we all want to stick up for our favorite celebs!

This “feud” is low-key hilarious to see. But is there a deeply-rooted beef?

Justin is no stranger to controversy. The Canadian cruners even had a rumoured fight a few months ago because Mendes dated Justin’s now wife, Hailey Baldwin, and she left Shawn and got married literally weeks after parting ways.

Prior to that she was constantly between the two men for around two years being spotted with each of them respectively and creating plenty of dating rumors. So it’s not just the competition between music they have and both being from the same country and having an insane amount of fame hit them at rapidly fast paces at young ages.

While this could be a friendly joke, there could be some drama on the scene. Stay tuned for more between these two pop stars. There could always be a little more than what we see on the surface!

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