How The Perfect Pair Of Jeans Helped Me Find My Confidence

Jeans. My problem clothing since I was too young to remember. I have a vivid memory of back-to-school shopping with my mom when I was a teenager. No lie, I tried on 50 pairs of jeans. I could never seem to find the right jeans for my body type (slightly pear-shaped and athletic), which made me feel unconfident in myself.

That day, I left the store that day with tears in my eyes. I felt “too fat” because I couldn’t find a comfortable pair of jeans that made me look beautiful. Convinced that I needed to lose weight in order to buy the perfect pair of jeans, I started a diet. Even though the diet didn’t last long, that memory and many other moments like it are forever with me.

More than 10 years after that meltdown moment, I was browsing for jeans when a pair caught my attention. The tag on the jeans said, “Fit for every curve,” so I grabbed my size and hurried to try them on.

It shocked me that it was so easy to slip the jeans on. In fact, I looked in the mirror in disbelief as I buttoned them.

They fit. They literally fit me perfectly.

I didn’t have to jump into the pants to get them over my butt (yay!) They buttoned without feeling tight or loose. Most of all, I felt comfortable and beautiful!

I walked out of the store with my perfect pair of jeans and texted a friend with a similar body type,telling her to buy them immediately. A week later, I found myself buying another pair, and then later another pair, until I had quite the collection.  

I was sold. My teenage self could have totally use jeans like this.

The company, Democracy Jeans, states on their website, “Our mission is you.”

“Our mission is to design and curate a lifestyle of wearable trends at unparalleled value, empowering dynamic and multitasking women of all shapes and sizes the freedom to be her own muse.”

They live on the principle of “Curve Equality,” which acknowledges that each shape needs a different type of jeans. In a way, these jeans changing women’s self-love and confidence. I love what the company’s attitude, their mission, and their jeans. I’ve gotten several other women hooked on these jeans, and I can’t recommend them enough. If you struggle to find the perfect jeans for your curves, look for Democracy Jeans… you won’t regret it!

Be sure to check them out and follow them on Instagram.

Featured Photo by democracyclothing.


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