What You Should Know On International Feng Shui Awareness Day

When I think of the words “feng shui,” I immediately think of a woman who wants alignment. She’s the type to meditate two hours per day and rearrange her furniture whenever something doesn’t “look right.” I used to think that while this lifestyle is great for some, it was not one that I would choose to embrace.

Although I was not keen on embracing the feng shui trend, I knew this ancient science had helped millions of people heal, grow businesses, and fall into harmony with the universe. My curiosity about the subject pushed me to extensively research feng shui on my own.

From what I read, feng shui is merely a way to let objects flow in harmony with your being. Creating a harmonious life is about determining triggers from past experiences and creating a plan to relieve the anxiety that those experiences produce.

Even though humans evolve and adapt, we still use a great deal of our energy to avoid danger, which is why feng shui can be so calming. Have you noticed that clutter or flashing lights can make us uncomfortable? That’s because we often perceive fast movements and excessive clutter as disruptive. Organizing this clutter can help relieve anxiety which is why cleaning and rearranging can be such a therapeutic experience.

What is feng shui used for?

The practice of feng shui gives great importance to furniture and decor placement, based on an ancient map called a bagua map. This map breaks down any given room and tells you which elements should be in the room based on direction, as well as relationships, health, and career.

If you follow the feng shui placement rules, you can ultimately create a better space in which to live and work. While feng shui may vary depending on your living space, making simple “micro-changes” to your environment can make a tremendous difference in your overall happiness and well-being.

For example, if you have a houseplant, you wouldn’t keep it in the basement. You would probably keep it near a kitchen window to allow for the maximum amount of sunlight. Similarly, a CEO of a company would never face her desk toward a wall. She would face the door, which would allow clients and employees to come and speak with her in her office.

While I haven’t followed the bagua map in its entirety, shaping certain aspects of it to fit my personal life has enabled me to be more mindful and live a more fulfilling life. I’ve discovered what harmony looks like for me and changed my surroundings accordingly to make my life easier.

When you’re just starting, feng shui can seem overwhelming and daunting at first. However, you don’t need to follow it in its entirety to see significant changes. Finding certain aspects of feng shui that fit your current lifestyle can help ease you into it until you feel comfortable enough to embrace more. Make some small changes in your life to find your version of harmony.

Image credit by Manja Vitolic


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