6 Essentials You Need To Add To Your Summer Wardobe

Summer is almost here! If you’re serious about your fashion, now is the time to start building your perfect wardrobe for the summer season. There’s more to wardrobe development than simply mashing together every new trend out there, though. You simply need a few essentials that reflect your personal style and help you look great for any occasion.

Here are 6 essentials that everyone needs in their 2019 summer wardrobe.

A Nice Pair of Shades

A good pair of shades is not only essential style-wise but for protection as well. So, when picking your shades, don’t just consider the silhouette. Check how much UV protection they provide, too. Go for a nice pair of polaroid shades to protect your eyes from UV rays and glare while driving. You can even buy a couple of fancy pairs and a few cheap, backup ones to stick in your bag or glove compartment box just in case.



When it comes to shoes, look for something comfortable, casual, and fun. While we all love to slay in knee-high boots once in a while, those bad boys should stay tucked away until you’re out on the town with friends.

When purchasing closed footwear, make sure the material is breathable and will keep your feet dry. Also, consider purchasing a few pairs of invisible merino wool or Coolmax socks as they let your feet breathe and absorb moisture.

High-end streetwear is all the rage right now, so consider adding a cool pair of designer kicks to your collection. For example, Gucci sneakers come in all sorts of colorways and silhouettes. If you need some help, SSENSE has a full sneaker collection here.

For hot summer days, two strap sandals are also great at keeping your feet cool and dry. They look great with everything from a nice flowing dress to a pair of denim jeans. Two-strap sandals can also elongate the look of your legs and add a nice chic touch to almost any outfit.

Boyfriend Jeans


While skinny jeans are a winter staple, boyfriend jeans are where it’s at this summer. These cool, comfy, and relaxed jeans will keep you cool during summer days. Plus, they look perfect in virtually any setting. Tip: stick with light or cool blue instead of darker shades.

A Summer Bag


Having a nice summer bag is essential. After all, they aren’t called summer bags for nothing. You need a bag that’s large enough for all the extra stuff you need to carry, like a body mist, deodorant, sunscreen, or an extra pair of shoes. Go for something fun and vibrant; don’t be afraid of bold colors and patterns!


Some might think that hats are a bit too fancy, but they’re essential for UV protection. While a hat can make a great fashion statement, be sure it gives you some shade as well. You don’t have to go over the top, either. Even a simple baseball cap provides protection (and saves us on bad hair days!).

A White T-Shirt

At first glance, a white t-shirt might not seem like a particularly exciting item. Trust me, though; you’ll be surprised at how versatile a nice white tee can be. A white t-shirt will shield you from the heat, and it can be worn with virtually anything. Throw one on with a nice pair of jeans, a patterned skirt, or a maxi dress.

While you’re at it, get a nice button up white shirt as well. It’s still versatile, but also a bit more polished. White button ups look great with a pair of light blue jeans, denim skirts, shorts, or under dresses.

With these few essentials, you’ll look great this summer no matter the occasion. Make sure you let your personal style shine through and find inspiration from as many sources as you can to build your perfect wardrobe. What are you most looking forward to wearing this summer? Let us know!

Photo by Alexa Suter on Unsplash


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