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Throwback: Nintendogs Is Back With a New Name & Friends

If you ever feel nostalgic about the most popular video game for young girls back in 2005, Nintendogs, fear not! Our chance to play it again is upon us!

The popular Nintendo game Nintendogs is back with a new name change and furry friends for users to play on Nintendo Switch.

Indie game publisher Sould Out has announced that the game will be re-released in North America under new branding this spring. The game was released in Japan in December and has been such a huge success that they’re coming overseas.

This time around it’ll be called “Little Friends: Dogs & Cats,” and it’ll be almost identical to the original game millennials fell in love with.

Like the original, the game lets you choose from a variety of puppies to choose from. So get ready to feed, play, walk, and dress your new fur baby! Also, now they’re adding kittens to the mix, making the game more inclusive for both cat and dog lovers.

And those intense tournaments and dog shows, they still have those too!

Here is an overview of the other game features:

  • 6 breeds of puppies including Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, and French Bulldog to name a few
  • 3 breeds of cats
  • 600 accessories to dress your new fur baby in to make them stand out
  • You can take your pal on walks, find little prizes, and meet new friends
  • A practice field to train your puppy or kitty for a competition
  • Just like before, you can learn your pets’ preferences for food and personality traits
  • You can play your game on TV once connected to your Switch

You can only play with 3 furry friends at a time sadly, while the other 12 will have to stay in a hotel. But the rest of the game is as awesome as it was before!

Nintendogs was arguably one of the most popular games for young millennial women growing up on a Nintendo DS. Don’t believe me, check these hilariously relatable tweets proving how great of a game it was.


Times really are in our favor now!

However, we’re still unsure if you can earn a new breed of dogs by mingling, but we’re working on it!

For a full preview of what the game will look like, watch the video below:

Stay tuned for more announcements and a release date!

Featured image via Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash


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