11 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re A Dog Lover

Dogs. Man’s best friend. The furry four-legged creatures that can turn your day around in 2 seconds flat. I’m completely dog-obsessed. If you tell me that you have a canine, the first thing I’ll ask is, “Do you have a picture?”  I’ll then demand that you to show me every picture you have of your pooch. My friends say that I have a problem and should just get a dog, but let’s be real: Is loving dogs truly a problem? Not at all. Would owning one make me love dogs any less? Probably not.

So, for all the other dog-lovers out there, here are 11 things that you’ll understand if you can’t get enough of man’s best friend.

1. Every time you see a dog, you stop in your tracks to say “hi.”.

Sometimes you walk over to pet it; other times you stand there in awe and shout, “Puppy!”

2. You already selected names for your future pups.

Some people know what they’ll name their kids. You, on the other hand, already know the names of your four-legged children.

3. You get offended when a canine barks at you.

You just want their love… you didn’t mean to do anything wrong!

4. When you scroll through Tinder, you immediately swipe right if they have a dog.

Who cares what the person looks like? You’re in it for the dog… duh!

5. You follow all the puppy pages on Instagram and Facebook.

And then immediately regret following them all because you see all the dogs that you can’t have!

6. You’ll gladly stop any conversation to announce that there is a doggy nearby.

It doesn’t matter if the pup is 5 inches or 100 feet away. You see that tail wagging, and you definitely need to announce the pooch’s presence to the world.

7. You can’t watch a movie in which the dog dies (or even gets their feelings hurt).

I don’t cry during romance films or movies that involve  humans dying When a dog dies, though? You’d better pass me that box of tissues!

8. Friends tell you that you have a problem.

“You need to get a puppy! Your obsession has gone way too far” is a phrase my best friend typically tells me… every single day.

9. You fall in love with every dog you see at a puppy store.

Big ones, little ones, hyper ones, calm ones… it doesn’t matter what the pooch looks like, you want it.

10. You’ve begged your parents for a dog.

“Please, please, please! I promise to take it on walks, put food in its bowl, and love it unconditionally!”

11. When someone says that their doggy likes you, it makes your day.

Seriously, that’s the best compliment that a dog-lover can receive.

Small, big, scruffy, or fluffy… you love every single doggie that crosses your path.  Do you have any stories to tell about your dog(s)? Leave them below in the comments! (Pictures are even better!)

Originally shared on Puckermob

Feature Image by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi from Pexels


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