These Are The Scars I Will Always Carry From Your Love

Love is very much like a war, and with it are the battle scars we carry daily. As we look back on some relationships, we find ourselves wondering what lessons they taught us, what purpose they had in entering our lives. Some couples make their relationships look so easy, while others make them look impossible. But each scar we carry tells stories of strength, self-growth, patience, and love, despite our past. Our scars exist in many forms, including loving our partners.

Was I made for loving you, or was I made to be hurt by you?

With every day that passes by, I feel myself losing this battle with you.

I walk down this paved road, trying to find us somewhere in this zip code.

I enviously gaze at the couples that seem to have it so easy.

In sync with each other completely.

And I find myself wishing and reminiscing

On all thhe moments I spent with you.

In your arms, breathing in all your charms,

I felt love, a love of all forms.

And then, one day, all that love was just gone,

Buried under a thousand storms.

Love is a funny thing.

It’s sweet, addictive, painful, and crippling.

But, I’ve learned that nothing toxic comes from genuine love.

Love can be many things, but it can never be deceitful.

And if it is deceitful, then it was never true.

I don’t know what the future holds,

But I can only hope that, somewhere, there is happiness for us both.

My heart carries your scars,

And in them a story that was ours.

Thousands of romantic stories exist out there in the world, in every city and in every corner. Some sad, some sweet, some happy, and some passionate. Despite all the heartbreaks we experience, there is something still so beautiful about loving someone. No matter how many times we send our hearts away or tell ourselves we’re better off without loving someone, it comes knocking right back at our door, inviting us in again to find a forever that ends at never.

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