6 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts That Still Shower Your SO With Love

Love is in the air, and we all hope to show our significant others all our love. We spend ages picking out the nicest , most thoughtful gifts for our “special someone.” But if your wallet is  nearly empty, there are so many budget-friendly Valentine’s Day gift options for your significant other.

They’re sure to adore these 6 homemade gifts almost as much as they adore you.

1. Portrait Of Your Significant Other

Even if you’re not a painter, this is an easy, meaningful Valentine’s gift that’s sure to make your significant other love you even more. Go to your local craft store, stock up on paint, paper, and paintbrushes, and release your inner artist! Once you start drawing, your creativity will inspire you and bring back all of the memories you and your significant other have shared. Plus, painting something special for your special someone is cheap, easy, and fun.  Win-win!

2. Heartfelt Poetry

Writing poetry for your Valentine is a good way to express your feelings for them, and they’ll love such a thoughtful gift. Your significant other will know you’re thinking of them, and they could even fall for you even more deeply. The best part? All you need is paper, a pen, and a little creativity.

3. A Homemade Valentine’s Day Card  

Homemade Valentine’s Day cards are a simple, classic way to show your significant other that they’ll always have a piece of your heart. Plus, you can make them sappy or hilariously punny to fit your true love’s taste. All you’ll need is markers or colored pencils, colorful paper, and anything else that catches your eye in the craft store (Try foam hearts or doilies!) to make a beautiful, sweet gift.

4. Homemade Cookies

Is there any better way to win your lover’s heart than with a fresh batch of homemade cookies? Get out those heart-shaped cookie cutters, search for the perfect recipe, and get baking! If the way to your significant other’s heart is through their stomach, this one will definitely be a winner!

5. Customized Wooden Crafts

Wood carving is a simple, fun way to make the perfect Valentine’s gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend. All you’ll need is a planning sheet, a few pieces of wood, and a creative idea. If your significant other likes practical gifts, try making a birdhouse or tool holder. If they love having a little reminder of you everywhere they go, try a picture frame. Homemade wooden gifts are cheap and perfect for that Valentine who wants be able to use everything they own.

6. A DIY Pillowcase

If your significant other loves a good nap, make them a pillowcase for Valentine’s Day. Grab an old sports uniform or t-shirt that needs a little TLC, and turn it into a fun sleep accessory. Find a pattern online, grab your sewing machine, and get stitching! Your Valentine is sure to have sweet dreams with this one… and realize that they love you sew much!

This year, you don’t need to break the bank on your significant other’s Valentine’s Day gift. With a little creativity, it’s possible to DIY nearly any Valentine’s idea to fit your sweetheart’s tastes. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Feature Image via Pixabay on Pexels


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