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Surprise! Avril Lavigne & Nicki Minaj Just Dropped A New Female Anthem

No, you didn’t read that headline incorrectly, “punk princess” Avril Lavigne and “Queen of Rap” Nicki Minaj just collaborated on a new single. And the best part? It’s all about female empowerment.

In a special statement released via Twitter, the Canadian singer revealed the reasoning they chose to specifically collaborate on this single: to break out of a stereotype set by society.

The lyric video contains clear messages about survival strength, determination, and a whole lot of fight. The inspiring message and extremely catchy tune is exactly the type of anthem women need to hear in today’s world.

Lyrics like, “I may look innocent, don’t underestimate me” or, “Step back, your time is up, sit down I’m taking the lead,” are the perfect messages for our generation.

This encouraging vocabulary will effectively continue the confidence many women have recently developed.

What I love most about this track is that you learn both musicians’ stories and how they were treated. This song allowed them to start a conversation while also creating something millions of women will be singing for weeks.

Both musicians have been very vocal about their societal struggles. Neither was taken seriously professionally as women in a very male-dominated industry. Avril was the first (and most arguably most famous) pop-punk female of our generation. Nicki has shattered records with her hip-hop scene contributions and made a name for herself as a top name in the genre.

The leading ladies have even shared their love for each other’s music on social media in recent days, proving that their friendship actually started as fandom.

You read that correctly: Nicki Minaj is an old school Avril Lavigne fan. Bet you never thought you’d never hear that!

Naturally, the internet is loving the relationship between these icons as well as the encouraging messages behind this phenomenal song.


“Dumb Blonde” is the latest single released from Lavigne’s upcoming album Head Above Water. And if this is any indication as to how the rest of her album is, we’re in for some new anthems ladies… just the way our good ‘ole Avril always does it.

To all the babe’s and the bosses and bombshell’s out there, let’s get this!

Featured image via Justin Higuchi from Los Angeles, CA, USA / CC BY



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