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4 Things You Need To Do To Improve Your Mental Health

I’ve never been the type of person to set  New Year’s resolutions. I feel like most people stick with them for a month or two before they become a distant memory. This year, though, there are several ways you should improve your life this new year.

1. Leave your toxic relationships behind.

Easier said than done, right? Those memories are going to stay in your mind, and they’re going to hurt. Still, they’ll  hurt less than continuing to try to solve another person’s issues or constantly trying to rescue someone. Whether it’s a toxic relationship or a friendship that sucks the life out of you, this year, those harmful connections have to go.

2. Leave your self-doubt behind.

Again, this is easier said than done, but you need to erase your hurtful thought patterns. You need to believe that you’re worthy. And, as cliché as it sounds, you’ve got to find the courage to follow your dreams. You’ve got to chase them through your doubts, until you feel that you’ve given the pursuit your all. Sometimes, overcoming your doubts is scary, and other times it’s exhilarating, but either way, you at least can say that you’ve tried to live your dreams.

3. Leave your painful memories behind.

Do I even need to say it? I know – it’s easier said than done. Memories are just that; they’re memories. They’re tidbits of the past. They can trigger emotions from you that nothing else can. They can remind you of what could have been, what you feel like should have been, but overall, you need to walk away from them. Not saying to pretend that they never existed, as memories, they’re a piece of you. They’re something that helped to build you into what you are now. They’ve helped you become you, but when you find yourself looking at pictures or rereading those text messages, you’re holding yourself back. Take that step forward, take that moment, accept that it’s a memory for a reason, and move forward.

4. Let go of your grudges.

When I was younger, I discovered a powerful quote I still live by: “Holding a grudge is letting someone live in your head rent-free.” Grudges are like poison. They’ll eat you alive, and most of the time, the recipient of your grudge doesn’t even know, let alone care that you can’t stand them. Holding onto the past is not giving the person a “get out of jail free” card; it’s giving yourself freedom. Letting go of your harsh feelings gives you the time and freedom to move forward in life. Let yourself start this new year without  unnecessary pain and anger. Let go of the negativity and the anxiety it brings you.

These tips aren’t really New Year’s resolutions; they’re self-improvement goals that you can begin year-round.  Letting go of the pain of the past will help you move forward into a better tomorrow. Allow yourself to refresh, rejuvenate, and start over.  You can’t change the past, but the future? That’s up to you.

Featured Photo by Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash.



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