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What The Heartbreak Of Loving Someone You Can Never Have Feels Like

It’s been a long time since I’ve written something about us. It has been a long time since I wrote something about my longings, my regrets, and the what ifs.  

You were twenty-four and I was eighteen. You thought I was inappropriate for you because you said I was too young. You never tried to love me. I had wished you were vulnerable back then and less scared to give us a chance despite our age gap. If you had opened your heart to me things could of been different. Instead of writing this, maybe I’d be writing poetry embedded with love. Or, maybe I wouldn’t know how it felt  to have this heart-wrenching pain of loving someone I couldn’t have.

I walked out of your life because you hurt me, but I wish I hadn’t left. I left without a word and came back without a warning. I showed up late- too late. Yes, you already have your own life out there and I’m still here, surviving the swell of pain and loneliness of being alone.

It hurts. It will always hurt. And I only want you, always you, to touch the places that hurt the most.

I have lived my whole life feeling oddly envious without any escape. I envy that ‘someone’ who gets the chance to see and hold you, to talk to you, and to be with you after a bad day. I envy that ‘someone’ who hugs and kisses you goodnight. I envy that ‘someone’ who showers you with good morning kisses and who gets the chance to watch you smile as you open your eyes each morning.

I envy how lucky that ‘someone’ is who hears you sing a beautiful love song and gets to dance with you in a crowd. Who sits across from you at a table, smelling that brew black coffee while listening to the tweeting of the small birds and staring at the marks of brilliant reds and oranges below the horizon.

It’s true; I’ve never had that beautiful life that most people have because I am a woman who is alone in bed at night, who cries until the birds of dawn pick away the debris of darkness. I’m not an ideal woman. I’m no one’s dream.

I am a woman who smiles to cover up so much pain and who lies about being fine.I am a woman who honestly admits that I will die alone while watching you smile and hold hands with someone else in photographs I will never be in.

I am a woman who wishes, hopes and prays of holding you and feeling you as you fall asleep beside me.  A woman who loves too much and who never stops loving even when all she feels is pain of a broken heart. I am a woman who bleeds from her heart, who falls apart and pulls herself together again.

I want you to know that my love for you isn’t lost in me. I will keep it so I can have something to carry with me when I feel alone.

You will always be the most beautiful part in my memory. It’s the kind of beautiful that will forever hold a special place in my life.

You are the one I’ve always wanted from love. Please know that I’m not going to forget you. It’s your familiar grin and your lovely stare that keep the smile on my face and the love I have for you.

I will always remember the way you make my mornings beautiful by the thoughts of you.

I know, you were never mine and will never be, but I want you to know that I love you from the bottom of my heart and I will always love you from afar.

Featured image via Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash



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