This Latest Twitter Trend Proves Millennials Make Poor Choices

Let’s face it, millennials avoid responsibility at all costs. With the latest trend on Twitter, we’re all highlighting just how much we avoid and how we choose to handle our situations.

Here are a few of my favorite ones I’ve seen that prove just how stupid, irresponsible, blind to reality, typical and funny we are.

*Warning: you may feel personally attacked by a few of these because they are so painfully accurate.

Emotional haircuts are always a bad decision in the long run, but they make us feel better for a little while. Then we only feel worse until it grows out a little bit.

Men are trash. There, I said it again.

God bless you Bradley Cooper.

It may not be the healthiest thing for us, but we do it so often it’s become oddly therapeutic.

I actually laughed out loud at this one because I just didn’t see it coming. (I have no life, okay?)

How rude.

Sorry not sorry.

Yes, it’s supposed to help with our anxiety and all that jazz. But who can actually focus on creating a steady breathing pattern when all we want to do is scream violently into our pillow to let it all out and relieve the stress?

Uhm, I see nothing wrong with this because this is one place you can truly be a kid again and not get judged.

Technically this goes for musicians, students and general people who are bored and saving memes to their laptops.

We’re all guilty of this dad joke.

I feel personally attacked by this because it’s painfully true.

Anytime there’s a reference from this song, you just have to acknowledge it.

And we never appreciate just how quickly food expires when we’re the ones buying it for ourselves.

Oops, this is totally me.

hLet’s get one thing straight, Target is a freaking trap. You never need to go to Target, yet you find yourself always in there with a full shopping cart and a credit card as empty as your hopes and dreams to achieve that “Pinterest Perfect” house.

It’s always our damn phone, isn’t it?

Can I get an amen on this topic?

Don’t we all have a pile of half read books somewhere in our rooms?

I’m sick of being attacked by these tweets, dammit!

And finally…


These tweets were painfully relatable, and actually funny to read. While they cover a wide range of topics, millennials of all kinds are constantly finding themselves hitting that retweet button. If you found yourself agreeing to at least 5 of these, congratulations, you too are a typical millennial who knows you need to do better but just can’t seem to break your bad habits.

Maybe we should make changing these as some of our new year’s resolutions? Or should we just avoid this too?

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