6 Reasons Coffee Will Always Be Better Than Tea

I’ve had many discussions involving this one massive debate: coffee versus tea. In my opinion, coffee is so much better than tea. Now, before you tea-lovers lose it, hear me out. All my coffee-loving friends will agree with these 6 reasons why coffee is superior.

1. Coffee gives you energy.

Coffee provides the boost you need to get out of bed and start your day. Whether you work a 9-5 or attend morning classes, coffee helps make life happen.

2. There are infinite coffee choices.

Coffee comes in a variety of  flavors, strengths, and temperatures. No matter what your taste preferences are, you can find a way to enjoy coffee. Some people add sugar, others add milk or cream. Personally, as a Puerto Rican, I love coffee with milk and Ritz crackers (try it!). I feel like tea just isn’t as versatile as coffee.

3. Coffee has a great aftertaste.

Coffee refreshes your taste buds, whereas tea leaves a disgusting aftertaste. This could be personal preference, but I just don’t enjoy the way tea lingers in my mouth. It’s just plain nasty.

4.   Coffee gives you an excuse to be hyper.

Coffee provides a reason for your wild and crazy behaviors. With coffee in your hand, you can randomly have an outburst or  laugh lots and totally get away with it. “Yeah, I must have had too much coffee today!

5. Coffee keeps you focused during classes and meetings.

While your teacher is rambling about the Revolutionary War or your boss is spouting off numbers you care nothing about, coffee keeps you checked into the moment. Compared to tea (which tends to put me to sleep), it’s a lifesaver. If I didn’t have a cup o’ Joe, I’d be in a whole lot of trouble during those dull moments.

6. Coffee is divine with toppings, too!

Who doesn’t like some whipped cream on top of their hot cup of coffee? It’s divine! Have you ever tried toppings on tea, though? I have, and boy, do I not recommend it! Whipped cream in tea tastes like someone died inside your mouth.

Coffee is one of the best drinks to have anytime, any day of the week. Coffee provides energy and brews success with every cup. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise; coffee is where it’s at. Coffee is the drink of the Gods, brewed straight from Heaven. So, start another carafe, and get this party started!  

Featured image via Matthew Henry on Unsplash



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