Here’s Everything We Know So Far About Season 3 Of ‘Stranger Things’

‘In the summer of 1985, the adventure continues…’

So it was proclaimed at the end of the teaser trailer released on December 10. By giving us the best early Christmas present and dropping that trailer, Netflix blew up a storm on Twitter with the hashtag #StrangerThings3, quickly rising to the top of the Trending topics. And thus began the debate over what is going to happen next in the town of Hawkins, Indiana.

While the trailer did not feature appearances from any of the characters themselves, it did list the names of the upcoming episodes. The series will return in the summer of 2019. It is definitely hard to gather much information from the titles alone. However, the tiles proved that the new season will be just as action-packed as the previous ones.

Season 3 is set to hit the ground running with the episode titled ‘Suzie, do you copy?’ which offers a hint of mystery and will understandably be the start of a new puzzle-solving adventure.  The season will include a total of 8 episodes. We will reach the climactic end with an episode titled ‘The Battle of Starcourt.’

If you feel like you’ve heard about Starcourt before, you’re absolutely right! You heard this name last summer when Netflix released a trailer featuring the newest addition to Hawkins, Indiana: The Starcourt Mall!

A huge question hovering over the third season is whether or not the full cast will return. By the end of the second season, much of the characters had resolved their issues: Mike and Elle reunited and shared their first kiss; Will is not sick anymore; the characters of Dustin and Lucas evolved; Steve fully transitioned from bully jock to nice guy; Nancy and Jonathan became romantically involved; Hopper took Elle under his wing as his long-lost daughter; and Joyce can move on from Bob without worrying about her son anymore.

So far, many actors from the main cast have confirmed they will be returning including Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven), David Harbour (Hopper), Winona Ryder (Joyce), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin), Finn Wolfhard (Mike), Noah Schapp (Will), Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas), Joe Keery (Steve), Natalia Dyer (Nancy),  and Charlie Heaton (Jonathan).

One character that we are all surely looking forward to seeing again is Elle’s sister, Kalli. Played by Linnea Berthelsen and also known as ‘Eight’, she appeared in the previous season’s episode seven. Her character offered viewers more insight into Elle’s past and the experiments at the Hawkins National Laboratory.

The Duffer Brothers and the Stranger Things cast have been tight-lipped about the new season so far. So we probably won’t see any more clues until the return of the series in the summer of 2019. However, what we can do is binge watch the previous two seasons and think of the possible plot twists of the new season.

Are you as excited as we are about the upcoming season of the series? What kind of plot twists are you hoping for and which characters are you rooting for making a come-back?

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