Why You Need To Celebrate National Letter Writing Day

December 7th is National Letter Writing Day! Why should we celebrate National Letter Day, though? 
For many years, handwritten letters were our only way to of communicate with the outside 
world. Handwritten letters are a beautiful part of our national history; the letters our ancestors sent each other show history playing out right before our eyes. During some of the toughest times, like World War I, writing letters was the only way to check on our loved ones. 
My grandfather, for example, has a book of all the letters his mother mailed him. My family, particularly my mother, cherishes this living record of our family history and has passed it on to me. I’ve loved seeing my family’s and the world’s perspectives through my great grandmother’s eyes. I’ve learned so much about her life, about the love she had for my grandfather and his siblings, and the events she thought were important to share. I will always hold those letters near my heart and look forward to someday passing them down to my own children. 
Writing letters is about so much more than sharing history, though. When you write someone a letter, you show how much you truly care about them. Sitting down to write a letter by hand takes time out of your day. Writing someone a little note or a full-fledged letter requires much more effort than sending a simple text full of emojis. Crafting a letter by hand is a serious act of love, no matter whether you plan to send it to a family member or a dear friend. 
I’ve always enjoyed writing handwritten letters. I want people to know that they’re on my mind. Although my hands hurt like hell after I’m done, I love the smiles my letters deliver. . Seeing how people respond to the letters I’ve carefully crafted feels like that “Christmas morning” joy. 
I recently reconnected with a friend to whom I used to mail letters years ago. He not only 
remembered the letters I’d sent after all these years, but he’d held onto them all this time. The fact that my friend saw my letters as important enough to keep for years melted my heart. 
That’s what makes handwritten letters so incredibly special; they are personal and from the heart. Handwritten letters always tell a beautiful story and hold a piece of the writer’s heart inside. 
Whether it’s a view into history, a proclamation of love, or the stories two friends share, 
handwritten letters will always be one of the most personal forms of communication.  
So, to whom will you be writing on this National Letter Writing Day? What will you leave for others to discover on the sheets of paper that hold your manuscript? Touch someone’s heart,and write a letter today.
Featured Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.


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