Read This If You’re Worried That You Have Lost Your Spark

Lately, you haven’t really felt like yourself. It seems as though no matter how hard you try, the odds are going against you. and no matter what you do all hell seems to break loose whenever you try to fix the situation.

You’re telling everyone that you’re doing great; things are great. Life is just great. In reality, though… You have absolutely no idea what is going on with yourself lately.

You’re forcing smiles. You’re hurting inside, but on the outside, you’re acting as if nothing is wrong. Secretly, though, you’re wishing that someone would pick up on your forced smiles.

You feel as if you’re just floating around on autopilot. There really isn’t any meaning to your day; you’re doing what you need to do to get it all over with.

You feel like you’ve lost your spark for life, and you don’t understand why. What did you do to deserve this? You didn’t ask for it. You just want to feel like yourself and be happy. Isn’t that what all of us really want, to just be happy?  But, sometimes, life can get tough. Like, really tough. There are going to be days when you feel like you just can’t do it anymore.

We’re human beings; we’re constantly changing. Our hair, our clothes, our personalities change all the time.  Every day, we face obstacles or events that shape us into the person that we are; the person we are going to be. These events can be significant, but they can also be so minor that we don’t even realize how they impact us.  

But despite all the changes that we go through throughout our lives, we don’t ever really change, do we?

People tell us “you still have the same personality or sense of humor as you did when you were younger!” So, even if you haven’t felt like yourself,  you will go back to being yourself.

It may take time (probably longer than you expect). You might need to do some soul-searching. But it will happen.

There may be something that has been bothering you deep down, and you don’t (or won’t) realize it. Just remember that pain is temporary, and this will pass.  I promise it will. Life is tough, but, darling, so are you.

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