The Expectation Vs. Reality Of Putting Up The Christmas Tree

It’s finally December! This means (if you haven’t already) it’s time to put up the Christmas tree. As preparation for the festive season gets well underway, so does our dream of a Pinterest-worthy tree. We hope our tree shines with a glamorous glow and an extra cosy Christmas vibe, but, in reality, our decorating skills never seem to meet those expectations.

Fairy Lights

Expectation: Fairy lights are the most essential part of a Christmas tree’s beauty. They must be perfectly placed on the tree before you can decorate further. During this stage of decorating, we expect our entire family to gather around the tree and pass the strings of lights to each other to ensure that they look even.
Reality: Someone will pull a mangled mess of fairy lights from a box of decorations. It is now your duty to spend the next three hours untangling this monstrosity. Despite your most valiant efforts, three hours later, all that has changed is that you have now also become part of the knotted heap.

Family Involvement

Expectation: Putting up the Christmas tree is a momentous family occasion. You have discussed the date and time well in advance to ensure that the whole family is home for the occasion. When the time is right, the family will gather together and share memories of years gone by, as they stumble across meaningful baubles and the occasional old Christmas card, which somehow found its way into the box of decorations.
Reality: After waiting for a poor, unfortunate soul to untangle the fairy lights, the novelty of putting up the Christmas tree has worn off. Instead of the entire family decorating the tree together, one family member will proceed to decorate the tree while the rest of the family, now known as “the directors,” sits on the sofa, analysing the position of every bauble. The whole family breaks out into an argument and eventually gives up.

The Star

Expectation: We all consider placing the star on top of the tree the final touch to this magical occasion. At this point, the family will work together to help their nominated loved one reach the top branch, offering to hoist the dubiously brave nominee on their backs or shoulders. The star will sit perfectly in its place of pride, and the family will cheer as they admire the beautiful, festive scene they have created.
Reality: After numerous attempts at reaching the top of the tree and bending the branch in every way possible in the process, you all discover that the branch is too weak to hold a star. As a last resort, you must now dig through all of the boxes in search of last year’s leftover ribbon to tie the star in its place.

Viewing the Tree

Expectation: Finally, the family will get cosy together for the grand Christmas tree switch-on. You must turn all the lights off to prepare for the ultimate festive viewing experience.
Reality: It’s getting late, and the whole family is now exhausted. The tree looks nothing like that Pinterest-perfect vision, but everyone agrees it’s time to switch it on. Although many boxes obstruct your view, from what you can see, the tree looks beautiful. Everyone decides to leave the rest of the decorating for tomorrow and agrees that it’s time for bed.

What realities do you face when you decorate the Christmas tree? Does it ever meet your expectations? Comment below!

Feature Image by Element5 Digital from Pexels


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