Thank U, Next: Kris Jenner Is The Real Star Of Ariana Grande’s New Music Video

The highly anticipated music video for Ariana Grande’s feminism anthem, ‘Thank U, Next” just premiered! And while were we expecting a great music video with numerous references,  we were not prepared for the cinematic masterpiece this video actually turned out to be.

And while the Mean Girls, Bring It On, 13 Going On 30 and Legally Blonde references were as perfect as imaginable, we weren’t expecting something that ended up making the whole music video better.

No, it wasn’t the cast of Victorious (minus Ari’s ex co-star and rival Victoria Justice-LOL) or the real life Aaron Samuels, Jonathan Bennett.

It was Kris Jenner who played the Mean Girls mom.

You read that correctly.

Kris Jenner was the Mean Girls mom.

And let me tell you, the second you see her on screen you start screaming because you know exactly what is about to happen. And it was hilarious!

Don’t believe me? Look at the internet’s reaction.

It truly was the role she was meant to play. And it works even better because of that hilarious meme of when she was taking pictures of her daughter Kim posing for Playboy and telling her, “you’re doing amazing sweetie.”


Who knew that casting her as an extra in a music video would cause so much joy and happiness in our lives? Even if the novelty does wear off, at least it provided a great laugh and surprise, and something we will definitely look back on and reflect upon how epic that was.

Sorry Ariana, your video was great and you looked hot, but Kris Jenner just stole the show. So thank u, next.


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