4 Creative Winter Date Ideas To Spice Up Your Long-Distance Relationship

Winter can be a difficult time of year to plan creative date ideas.

When the weather outside is frightful, though, it’s the perfect time for you and your special someone to cuddle up on the couch, sip some hot cocoa, and watch your favorite classic Christmas movies.

But what if you are in a long-distance relationship?

My ex-boyfriend and I always found unique ways to enjoy time together, despite the physical distance between us. Thanks to modern technology, it was easy for us to just drag an iPad anywhere we went and share special moments together. Winter was always an extra-special time for us to date. Here are four fresh, adorable ways my ex and I enjoyed long-distance winter dates together.

One way we celebrated the winter season together was sharing views of snowfall with each other. Since I live in Florida and my ex lives in Kentucky, he would sit out on his porch and FaceTime me as the snow began to fall. As we watched the snowflakes land, we talked about the future and dreamt of magical winter moments, like someday kissing under the mistletoe together. I loved the thought that he put into this gesture. Watching the snowfall always filled my heart with happiness and my stomach with butterflies. This digital tradition quickly became one of our favorite dates.

We also had a lovely Christmas movie tradition. When it was too cold to go outside, we’d plan a long-distance movie date night. We’d throw on matching pajamas, bundle up under the covers, and watch our favorite Christmas movies, like “The Polar Express” together. I often felt like these special moments brought us closer together, even though we lived hundreds of miles apart.

Another beautiful winter tradition that can work long-distance is baking holiday treats.

My ex loved to bake peppermint cookies. We would Skype while he baked so that I could participate, too. Not only was it amazing to see a man work in the kitchen, but I also loved feeling like a part of his family and sharing a special tradition with them.

Finally, a simple, but adorable way I enjoyed winter with my long-distance ex was drinking hot cocoa together while we video-chatted. He always used the personalized mug I gave him, and I’d use my favorite mug, too. We would sip our cocoa while Elvis Presley’s “Blue Christmas” played in the background. In these intimate moments, he would whisper how much he loved me, and my heart would melt.

Though my ex-boyfriend and I lived miles apart, he truly was the person who always made my winters magical. You may not be able to cuddle together on the couch or enjoy ice skating hand in hand, but there are still many ways to have magical winter dates with your long-distance lover. I will always cherish the memories my ex and I made together, and I know that with these date ideas, any long-distance couple can enjoy the winter together, too.

  Featured Photo by Inna Lesyk on Unsplash.


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