Proof Celebs Are Just Like Us When It Comes To Instagram

When we think of celebrities it’s not often that we think of them as real people. In fact, we never really think of them on a personal level in the sense that their houses have smells just like ours do and they hang out with other celebrities and watch tv shows and gossip just like we do.

One thing we definitely forget about is how they interact with each other on social media. The Instagram account, commentsbycelebs, hilariously captures the best screenshots of celebrity interactions on other accounts. And the result is always comical and unpredictable. Turns out they are hilariously similar to us on the gram!

Most people would crap their pants if they saw this, but if I ever got this message from Mama Jonas, it would mean I’m marrying a Jonas, so who cares?

These two are #couplegoals.

Well, she isn’t lying…

Their beef still goes on… But only in the comments. The videos have been put to rest for now.

Kris Jenner out here thanking her lucky stars for all 6 of her children for making her millions.

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Roundup ✨ #CommentsByCelebs

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Mrs. Jonas needs to be appreciated more often for her motherly comments!

Boy Meets World or Boy Meets Camera?

Aside from the semi awkward wedding photo included in this post, the comments just go to prove that everyone loves John Mayer and that he is obviously the king of wedding guests.

What a random group photo, but what a hilarious comment section!

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Rounded up. #CommentsByCelebs

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Clearly Jwoww is changing too much for Snooki’s liking.

Am I the only one who is surprised these two celebrities are even friends?

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Content. #CommentsByCelebs

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At least Buzzfeed quizzes don’t just destroy average people.

Even Mercedes can diss on Kevin Hart’s height. Straight savage mode here!

Leave it to Madonna to try and stay relevant and up to date on fashion when really all Post Malone is wearing is Crocs. Meanwhile the Crocs account is ecstatic that they have the potential to be cool again.

For anyone who doesn’t know, there’s a 34 year age different between David Foster and Katharine McPhee.

This comment clearly indicated that she’s so over hearing this song being played but was still slightly flattered by the passion of little Luna.

But don’t worry, Anna still gets the love too.

There’s always that one group who doesn’t get your Halloween costume.

You know you read that in Nick’s famous singing voice and it crushed your soul on the inside. NICHOLAS, HOW COULD YOU!?

Normally when one of our friends have babies we all post our congratulatory wishes, but imagine when a celebrities baby is born… Well, this is what that looks like. And it’s hilarious to see how normal this all seems yet is so hilarious and odd.

I wasn’t lying when I said they have some golden comments. Kelly Ripa and  her husband Mark Consuelos arguably have the best comment sections based on how they troll their kids and each other, while Nick Jonas slays the game in terms of puns and compliments with his cute wit and charm. If one things for sure, if I already wanted a celebrity friend, I want one even more now.

Featured Image via Kendall Jenner



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