4 Graduation Gift Ideas For Your Stylish Friend

Graduation is a special time for any student, bringing a satisfying end to all of their hard work. What better way to show them how proud you are of them for reaching this milestone, than with a great graduation gift?

Buying a graduation gift for a friend isn’t easy, but there are a few things they are sure to love. The key is to get something which matches their personality. In this article we’ll focus on the perfect graduation gift ideas for your fashionista friend.

A stylish tote bag

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Now that they’ve graduated, the next step is usually find a job or continue their education. Whichever path they choose, a stylish tote bag is going to come in handy. They’re big enough to store a laptop, portfolio and all of the essentials. You’ll also find a huge range of styles to choose from, ensuring there’s going to be the perfect one to fit any personal preferences.

A wallet


It may seem like a small gift, but you can pick up some great quality women’s wallets these days. They’re perfect for taking traveling, shopping, or even just to work. Of course, they’re useful in so many ways so it’s a gift she’ll really appreciate. Check out just some of the most stylish women’s wallets available at a top store, Radley.



If you’re looking for a more sentimental gift, a piece of jewelry is a great idea. Whether you opt for something she can wear every day, or a more lavish piece of jewelry she can wear on special occasions, she’s sure to love this gift. One piece of jewelry which is proving to be extremely popular right now is the charm bracelet. These are real sentimental gifts which can be added to year upon year. You’ll also find there’s a lot of different charms you can choose to include on the bracelet, including graduation themed charms.

A Vintage Graphic Tee

Graphic t-shirts are huge right now and they go with practically everything. They can dress down with a graphic tee and jeans or dress it up with a pair of smart trousers and a jacket. You’ll be able to find a graphic to fit their personality, as there are literally thousands of different graphic tees to choose from. If you’d like to really personalize it, why not create your own? You can easily create custom graphic tees online.

The above is just a small selection of top graduation gifts you can give to a fashionista friend. Whatever the personality, there’s a gift above to suit them. The key is to look for something practical as well as stylish, that they are sure to put to good use now they’ve graduated.

Featured image via Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash


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