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6 Things You Should Do If You’re Not Loving Your College Experience

For many, college has been the last chance of living their lives to the fullest before reality hits. For me, college hasn’t been the fun ride that it is supposed to be. Many of us detested college and everything surrounding it. According to research, 41% of college goers are depressed and hate to go to college. But what can possibly go wrong?

For many of us, college isn’t anything like we imagined. The very perspective of leaving home for the first time and getting out of our comfort zones isn’t an easy thing to do. The fierce competition, and the anticipation of not being able to perform academically, starts to creep in your mind. These are two examples of how college can spoil the best years of your life. Do you really want the three years of college to be all about attending classes and locking yourself up in the room with Netflix as company?

Here are seven tips to make your college life more exciting:

1. Figure out what’s wrong

There are several things that can bother you about college life – living with an annoying roommate, not liking your major, or even simply the responsibilities that weigh you down. Have an honest talk with yourself and figure out what is putting you down. What is bothering me? – it is only when you face yourself and answer the question fearlessly that you will be able to understand where the hatred stems from.

2. Join some extracurricular clubs

Who doesn’t want to be a part of the drama club or cheerleading squad? Students that do not make it into these clubs may retract themselves from college life. However, what most of us disregard is the fact that there are several other clubs with different activities that you can be involved in. You will be surprised to find some souls like you and build quality friendships with them. Do not worry about what others have to say, do what you know you would enjoy doing.

3. Get socially active

What is one  solution to battle social loneliness and depression when you get to college? You need to go out and talk to people. You can meet another lonely soul and be the best of friends – you never know! Start with talking to people in your classes. You can make friends off campus too. Join groups and communities that meet your interests within the adjoining vicinity your college is in. The chances are that you may find a friend in someone who stays in the locality  can make your stay away from home less painful.

4. Assess your decision regarding your major

Many students prefer staying in their rooms instead of attending classes, and this problem may stem from a dissatisfaction in the major they are studying. The National Center for Education Statistics claims that around 33% of students are dissatisfied with the major they have and  changed their specialization once during the first three years. If you realize that your interests are no longer aligned with your subject, understand that it is time to meet the college counselor. Advisors can help students determine whether the major truly isn’t a good fit and can help figure out which majors are better suiting.

5. Stay connected with your Folks

While in high school, I longed to live away from my family and live life independently. It wasn’t until after a few weeks of staying away from home that I realized how much I missed them. There is nothing to be ashamed of about missing your loved ones. Stay connected with them through Skype and call them whenever you find the time.

6. Learn to appreciate the independent you

If you are living alone, and are new to chores, look at this as an opportunity to grow as a person. Instead of being depressed about having to do all the work all by yourself, take a moment to realize what you are capable of. Adjusting to responsible life can be an overwhelming task. Just roll with the process, learn from the experience, and reward yourself once in a while

If college scares you and your expectations and reality doesn’t align, all it will take is a little time and effort to resolve your hatred for college. Considering that you have to spend three or more years in college, are you ready to let go of the experience just detesting college? With the above tips, I am sure it won’t be the usual painstaking place anymore. So chuck the hatred and start making memories.

Photo by Joseph Gruenthal on Unsplash


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